Teams Flaw; Dynamic Island in iPhone 15’s; Veeve Smart Cart Conversion; TikTok-20% Misinformation 

Cybersecurity research firm Vectra has spotted a potentially serious flaw in the desktop version of the Microsoft Teams. The authentication tokens are stored in plain text, making them vulnerable to a third-party attack. According to, a hacker with the requisite access could steal data from an online Teams user and potentially mimic them when they’re offline. This identity could then be used across apps like Outlook or Skype by circumventing the multifactor authentication (MFA) requirements. Microsoft has been made aware of the flaw. 

After just introducing the iPhone 14, with the pill shaped ‘notch’ in the Pro models at the top that changes size and shape depending on what you do…which Apple has dubbed the ‘Dynamic Island,’ it has leaked out that Apple will expand the feature to all iPhone 15 models. reports that gaining this cool feature won’t mean the cheaper phones will get the always-on display. 

Smart shopping cart maker Veeve has a new product that converts regular shopping carts into smart carts. notes that Veeve was started 4 years ago by a couple of former Amazon Managers. The device attaches to regular shopping carts just in front of the handle, and has a good sized display that keeps a running tally of what you scan and put in the cart. It is designed to fit almost any shopping cart. The display-sensor device mates with a separate app and between them, any store can offer checkout-free shopping…’just walk out.’ Veeve will continue to sell its full smart cart line.

More young people are scanning TikTok instead of checking a search engine when trying to get information. Research from NewsGuard shows that they really need to hit a search engine to double check the facts. According to, NewsGuard found 20% of the videos that come up in TikTok’s search engine had ‘false or misleading claims.’ A glaring example: Typing in ‘climate change’ returned a suggestion for ‘climate change does not exist’ or ‘climate change is a myth.’ Don’t skip the search engines, kids!


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