WhatsApp 48 Hr Deletion; Lyft Media; Netflix Games-Really? Crypto Fans-More for NFT Cars Than Real Ones

WhatsApp has added a new feature that could be very handy…the ability to delete messages up to 2 days after they are sent. 9to5mac.com reports that there has already been an ‘unsend,’ but this will extend the time period. It can be used in either a private or group chat. Up to now, you have had 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds (for some reason…down to the second!) Now, you will have 2 days and 12 hours. Apple is adding a delete feature for iMessage in iOS 16, but with Apple (at least in the latest beta), you have a miserly 2 minutes to pull the plug on a drunk text you’ve sent.

Lyft has rolled out a new business unit to strengthen its digital ad business across tablets, its mobile app, rooftops, and bicycles. Techcrunch.com says Lyft Media should help Lyft to cash in on the growing market for in-vehicle digital ads, among other income streams. Lyft had picked up Halo Cars in 2020…the business that makes rooftop screens that run digital ads. 

Apparently, very few people are playing the games that come with their Netflix subscription. In other news, Netflix has games! I write about this stuff, but am not a gamer, so I asked several people who are gamers I know…they had no idea Netflix had them, either! According to androidpolice.com, people have downloaded games a bit over 23 million times…and just 1.7 million users grab one on any given day. That is about 1% of all Netflix users. If you are interested in checking them out…now you know!

If you were crazy rich, which would you buy…a legendary classic car, or an NFT of one? This is an easy question for me as a car enthusiast, but apparently…according to thenextweb.com, Vanarama has done some research that finds some buyers have been willing to pay for for an NFT of a car than they could have bought the actual car for! An example…last September, a 3D rendering of a Nissan GT-R went for $2.3 million…which is 10 times the $200,000 price for the real car! A DeLorean NFT is priced at $183,000, but you can pick up the drivable car for $50 grand! If you ARE crazy rich, and want the NFT, cool. As for me, if I come into millions, I’m getting the actual car!


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