T-Mobile Settlement; Apple Watch Features Delayed; Huawei’s Nefarious Cell Equipment

T-Mobile has agreed in a preliminary settlement to pay $350 million to customers affected by its big data breach in August of last year. According to android Police, they will also commit to $150 million to strengthen their security measures. Class members will get $100 if in California…$25 elsewhere. A few who were ‘materially impacted’ and took out-of-pocket losses may get up to $25,000. The proposed settlement covers some 44 proposed class-action suits.

Apple plans to roll out 3 models in September, including the rumored Apple Watch Pro. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says the Pro will have a 7% larger display and longer battery life, as previously reported, as well as a new body-temperature sensor. Two long anticipated health sensor features won’t make it into this year’s Watch models, though. The blood pressure monitor apparently won’t be ready until 2025, and the glucose monitoring feature may not be ready until the end of the decade.

More has come out behind the US government’s move to ‘rip and replace’ Huawei cell tech around the country. Theverge.com says the effort starts after the government noticed Huawei equipment on cell towers near military bases in rural America where it wasn’t profitable for them. The feds found that the equipment had the potential to intercept military communications, including form the US Strategic Command! The gear also apparently had the ability to technically disrupt military communications. Starting in 2019, the US started weeding out Huawei equipment, and also that of China based ZTE over national security…and now, we know a bit more about why.


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