Snapchat for Desktop; Chip Subsidies; Samsung Foldables Launch Date; Netflix Password Sharing

Snapchat’s messaging and video chat features are no longer limited to just the mobile app. reports that the company is introducing Snapchat for Web, a new browser-based version of its service. Snapchat+ subscribers will gain access to the new web app first, but will eventually it will be available to all of the users. It will support messaging and video calling for now, though the company plans to add support for its augmented reality lenses and the ability to send photo and video Snaps “soon.” 

Several U.S. semiconductor firms are considering whether to oppose a package of chip industry subsidies if the final language of the legislation awaiting a vote in the Senate disproportionately benefits manufacturers like Intel Corp, according to Reuters. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has told lawmakers that a vote could come as early as today (Tuesday) on a slimmed-down set of bills to bolster the U.S. computer chip industry. The bills are aimed at making the U.S. more competitive against a rising China, whose chip industry has grown rapidly over the last five years to account for almost 10% of global sales.

Samsung will unveil its latest iteration of its foldable phones at an Unpacked event August 10th. says we should see the Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4 at that time. They also may reveal new Samsung smartwatches…including the Galsax Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. If the date holds true, it would probably mean the gear would go on sale August 26th.

Netflix is still working on cracking down on account sharing ‘between households.’ Now, according to, they are expanding trialing a $3 fee for password sharing in Latin America. Netflix had previously tested this in Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru, but are adding 5 more countries. The fee bump is just $1.70 in Argentina (actually 219 pesos there), but it’s $2.99 elsewhere. 


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