Pixel Crash Detection to Other Androids; Amazon Limits Plan B-Supply Issues; Google Launches Public Sector; Mobile World Congress Stays in Barcelona

Google seems to be preparing for car crash detection and other Pixel-exclusive Personal Safety features available on other Android phones. According to 9to5google, com, one of the hallmark features of Personal Safety, the currently Pixel-exclusive app that aims to make your smartphone more helpful in emergency situations, is car crash detection. Using a combination of factors including your phone’s motion sensors (to detect an impact or sudden stop while at high speeds) and microphone (to listen for the sounds of a crash) Personal Safety is able to automatically connect you to emergency services, if need be. New code has showed up in the latest version that indicates ‘nonpixel.’ While this doesn’t mean it’s a slam dunk that the crash protection will be released to other Android phones, it would be a great move to allow it, since it promotes user safety. 


Amazon is limiting sales of Plan B and other emergency contraceptives to three units per customer in the wake of increased demand, the company confirmed to several media outlets. Engadget.com reports that last week’s US Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade prompted a spike in sales of Plan B and other generic brands of levonorgestrel morning-after pills. Rite-Aid is also capping both online and in-person sales of emergency contraception to three per customer. Walmart has a more generous limit of 10 units of Plan B per customer, and Target limits online sales of Plan B to six orders per customer. Following a temporary cap on sales, both Walgreens and CVS have removed purchase limits on Plan B.


Google has unveiled ‘Public Sector,’  which will focus on helping US public sector institutions. 9to5google.com says Google Public Sector “will operate as a subsidiary of Google LLC and will specialize in bringing Google Cloud technologies.” This includes Workspace productivity tools like Gmail and Docs, while Google Cloud Platform (GCP) covers data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools. Offering cybersecurity products is also touted, while Google will “continue to invest in training.” Google has also announced partnerships with a number of federal agencies, including the Air Force, Navy, and Department of Veteran Affairs. 


Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile tech event, will keep taking place in Barcelona until at least 2030. According to Mashable.com, the event, which has been in Barcelona for the last few years, originally was in Rome, and moved to a new city every year. MWC has been in Barcelona now since 2006…but that deal was going to expire in 2024.  It has been in Barcelona since 2006. MWC had 109,000 people attend in 2019, but was cancelled in 2020, and a cut back version was held in 2021. The 2022 conference this spring was back to normal live, but was attracted a smaller audience. 


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