Crypto Hammered; ‘Upskilling’

Roughly $2T of cryptocurrency value, or more than two-thirds of all the crypto that existed, has been erased since bitcoin hit an all-time high in November 2021. The Wall St Journal notes crypto has  shared characteristics with other bubbles throughout history, marked by speculation bordering on delusion, disregard and disrespect for risk, and greed. With inflation at the highest in decades and markets dropping, cryptocurrency has been one of the first assets to be dumped. Bitcoin was under $18,000 Saturday, but was back up over $20,000 Sunday. Ethereum dropped under $1000. 

Employers are continuing to struggle with getting and keeping people with good tech skills. ZDnet points out that in place of hiring in an environment where skilled people can easily resign and jump to another company. it is often better to be ‘upskilling’ and retraining existing staff to take on more technical roles. Pluralsight has just done a survey, and of 7,000 people surveyed, 87% want to improve their tech skills…BUT 61% of them feel too busy to dedicate the time to upskilling. To keep from bleeding skilled staff, firms may just have to loosen up, and provide time on the company nickel for employees to get trained up.


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