Firefox Adds Default Anti-Tracking; Musk will Address Twitter All-Hands; Prime Members Sue Amazon-Whole Foods Delivery; Export WhatsApp History Android to iOS

Last year, Firefox launched their Total Cookie Protection feature, but it was only on by default when users activated privacy mode. Now, according to, the feature will be default for all users without having to switch to privacy mode. Microsoft’s Edge also has tools to block tracking cookies, but users have to manually switch to “Strict” mode to be able to prevent most cookies from tracking them across websites. DuckDuckGo’s browser has a focus on privacy, but its search agreement with Microsoft prevents it from blocking certain trackers. As for Google, the tech giant pushed back its plan to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome as part of its Privacy Sandbox initiative to mid-2023. Apple’s Safari cross-site tracking protection is on by default. 

Although his deal to buy Twitter is allegedly ‘paused,’ Elon Musk is going to address an all hands meeting Thursday. reports that Musk will not only address the staff, but will also take questions from employees. The meeting will be moderated by Twitter’s chief marketing officer Leslie Berland.

A group of Amazon Prime users who had been taking advantage of the free Whole Foods delivery perk have sued Amazon for dropping that free delivery from Whole Foods stores. says that in 2018, Amazon announced it would offer Prime members free two-hour delivery on Whole Foods groceries for orders totaling $35 or more. In October 2021, the company ended the perk, slapping a $9.95 fee on all Prime members’ Whole Foods orders. There are two different class actions now over this change. In addition to dropping this freebie, Amazon has raised the cost of a yearly Prime membership from $119 to $139.

WhatsApp is adding the ability for users to transfer their conversation chat history, photos, videos and voice messages from Android to iPhone via Apple’s Move to iOS app. notes that up to now, you could only move your data from an iPhone to and Android phone. CEO of WhatsApp parent Meta, Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that this has been a top requested feature by users. You will have to be using Android 5 or greater, and the iOS phone will need to be on version 15.5. Your info doesn’t go to cloud storage due to or during the migration…but will when you create an iCloud backup. 


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