Reports-Netflix May Buy Roku; Samsung Folding Phones May Double Storage; Toyota Teases Energy Storage System; Remote Workers Want New Benefits

Rumors flying pushed Roku stock higher, as the word was that there may be a takeover bid from Netflix. According to, Roku stock jumped by 10.9% on the rumor. Netflix was up 4%. Even with Netflix down 65% this year due to losing 200,000 subscribers, the thought is that by picking up Roku, Netflix, it would allow Netflix to target advertising on Roku’s platform to try to get consumers to restart the streaming service. They might even run a 1st season of one of their shows on it to try to hook viewers into signing up to watch the rest. 

Samsung may double storage options on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 to 1TB. reports that doing so would double the present top storage capacity. Samsung is also looking at goosing up the RAM to either 12 gigs or 15 gigs. If this holds true, it would be the 1st increase AND the 1st time Samsung has offered this much storage in a foldable. The Fold 4 still wouldn’t have an SD card slot, but with a terabyte, it wouldn’t really be needed. With the top amount of storage and RAM, it’s likely that the Fold would top $2000. The top option would also push the Flip to about $1500. You would still be able to buy the 128, 256, and 512 gig models for less, of course. 

Toyota has fired a shot over the bow of Tesla, with their own version of the Powerwall battery storage system. says the battery system would be 8.7kWh with a 5.5 kWh output. It would be available for power outages, or for overnight operation in homes with solar panels that want to operate mainly or entirely off grid. The system can charge from solar panels, from the electric company grid, OR…unlike Tesla’s, from a vehicle’s battery (like the new ford F-150 Lightening EV pickup.) The system can be controlled and checked on from a smartphone app. No pricing yet, but it will first be available in Japan starting in August. If it comes to the US, it will have to be under $7460 in order to compete with Tesla’s Powerwall. 

No matter how they try, businesses aren’t going to be able to get everyone to come back to the office. Now, work from home workers are asking for additional or different benefits. According to, Paychex did a survey of over 1,000 WFH professionals. Some of the benefits they are looking for: 31% want a home stipend to reimburse them for use of their space. 30% are asking for reimbursement for internet costs. Other benefits they are looking for are flexible hours, a 4 day work week, and bonuses for beating productivity goals. Employers (43%) and employees (58%) also noticed improvements in workplace diversity since adjusting to remote work: 24% of leaders said they had started hiring employees working in other states since going remote, meaning they are casting a wider net when it came to recruitment. That said, one-third of employers still reported limiting where their employees could live, Paychex found.


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