WWDC ’22 Recap

For iOS on iPhone—New lock screen features. Font and background selectable, and widgets can be added. Also, notices come up from the bottom, and you can select for live following notices…like ball game scores. 

Messages….Recall, and edit after send now available…about time!  You can tag Messages as unread to go back and check later. Lots of sharing features you may or may not use.

Dictation— Now will allow you to ‘fluidly move’ from keyboard to voice and vice versa. Dictation will automatically ad punctuation and emoji if desired. If it will just automatically be truly accurate…oh, that’s probably too much to ask!

Touch and hold on item in a pic, and you can copy and paste that item elsewhere. They copied a doggie and pasted him into a document. This is really cool, and I bet lots of people use this. 

Wallet— A couple states, Maryland and AZ already accept DL from the app, and another of others are working on it. 

A number of companies let you park your keys (like room key to hotel). You can share keys with others now, and they are working on that for Android, too, so you can share with a family member or other who doesn’t have an iPhone. 

Apple is enhancing Apple Pay with Apple Pay Later. 4 payments over 6 weeks with no fee and no interest. Kind of an extension of what they have now for buying Apple devices, only available for lots of products and services (non-Apple.) You can track upcoming payments in the Wallet app. 

Order tracking can now be sent directly to Wallet, via Shopify and other platforms, so you don’t have to hunt for an email and click through to a website. 

Maps— Cycling, Look Around, and increased detail  in 3D. Adding Multistop mapping…can add up to 15 stops to your route. You can use Siri to do it verbally while driving too. You will see your transit cards and balances right in Map, and can reload a low transit card without leaving the app. Look Around will let apps like Zillow put in hi-res pics so you can look at homes.

Sports-As noted, added live streaming of scores on you Lock Screen. Apple News is adding My Sports to let you follow your favorite teams in your news feed. 

Family Sharing….share favorite subscriptions in Apple to up to 5 people in household. You can build in parental controls for kids. If you limit time on apps or devices, and the kid asks for more, you can ok it or not via Messages. 

iCloud Shared Photo Library….a separate library can be shared with up to 5 people. You can share everything or select just specific ones. There will even be a shared library setting in the camera app. 

Privacy—Adding new tool that can quickly change settings. Safety Check. If you have shared passwords and locations with a partner, and someone gets violent, you can reset access with an emergency reset so a person feeling threatened can lock that threatening person out. 

Watch OS— 4 new faces. Also, more faces will get more rich complications. Improvements in Workout tracking, and in Health, a medication tracker with reminders. 


Yes, they are introducing new hardware:

New MacBook Air will be 1st to get the new M2 Apple chip….faster CPU and Graphics and uses less power than the M1 series. It is still thin, but the wedge shape is gone. It’s under a half inch and 2.7 lbs. Silver, Space Grey, Champagne Gold, and Black. It gets MagSafe, like the Pros. Also has the notch, but a 13.6 inch display. As the Pros, it gets the 1080p camera. 3 mics, and 4 speakers. Like the latest Pros, it has function buttons instead of the Touch Bar.  It’s fanless! 18 hours video playback. Will support fast charge…up to 50% in a half hour. $1199 and avail next month. $100 less for education.

The 13” MacBook Pro will also get toe M2 chip. It will be 40% faster than the M1 MacBook Pro. Up to 24Gb unified memory. 20 hours video playback on a battery charge. $1299. Avail. next month, and again $100 less for education.

MacOS — Will be called Ventura. The have added Stage Manager, to track your open windows, etc and keep you organized. It puts the open windows you have open over to the side, but the window you are working in will move to the middle and take up most of the screen. Just click on the window on the side, and that one will take the center stage. For desktop files, you can click the desktop, and it will minimize all the open windows. You can drag a file to the one you want, and it will pop it right in.  iPadOS also gets Stage Manager!

Spotlight is enriched and improved. You can take actions right from Spotlight. They are adding the features to iOS, too. 

Mail—Undo send lets you do that if you act quickly after hitting send. Schedule to send an email at a set time (great-marketers will dig this). Reminders let you remind yourself to come back to an email later. Search will show recently shared documents and files. 

Safari- They have added shared tab groups, so friends or family can share back and forth. 

Privacy…New Passkeys will let FaceID or TouchID to create. They stay on the device, aren’t in the cloud…but will sync across your Apple devices. Google and Microsoft will also use Fido along with Apple to protect your privacy (as has been reported here recently.) This is intended as an eventual replacement for passwords, as it really minimizes phishing issues. 

You can now use your iPhone as a web cam for your Mac. It has added features like studio lighting to make a really cool web cam video. It even uses the ultra wide cam to show you and a view of your desk side by side if you want to share some work you have on your physical desk. Of course, they are selling an attachable stand, LOL! They will have a stand from Belkin later this year, too…which will cost less, of course.

PadOS 16— You can make a Messages group, and then collaborate. If you want to send a document, you can, and anyone can edit the document dynamically. You can also collaborate in FaceTime. It will drop the doc into Safari or another app. They have also added a free form screen, where anyone can write on like a white board, or draw on it. Photos, audio, and etc can be dropped into it, too. 

Stage Manager is available now on PadOS, and overlapping windows is a new feature. You can resize windows, too. You can have up to 8 apps and windows at the same time. 

All the new OS updates available in public beta next month, and will be released this fall. 


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