Apple Watch-More Health, but Not BP Or Sugar Yet; Meta Blocking Private Home Info Sharing; Toyota’s 1st ‘Real’ EV; Honda Bets Big on EVs

Apple Watch will apparently get both temperature monitoring, and some other health features, but still won’t have blood pressure or blood glucose monitoring this Fall, according to Apparently, they have been testing the BP monitor on employees, but it isn’t accurate enough. All it does is report hypertension anyway…NOT the systolic and diastolic readings. The non-invasive glucose monitoring, which would be snapped up by millions of diabetics, is still several years off it appears. Apple Watch will get new sleep, fitness, and medication management features in the next edition.

It won’t keep you from being doxxed, but at least if someone does that, they won’t be able to put it on blast on Facebook or Instagram. reports that Meta will block posting of ‘publicly available addresses’ by the end of this year. The policy will not only apply to home addresses, but also photos of the exteriors of private homes. An exception will remain if the property is the ‘focus of a news story,’ or for those belonging to ‘high ranking officials’ (which usually aren’t privately owned by them anyway.)

Toyota’s first battery EV will be hitting dealerships later this spring, with a just revealed price point of $42,000. says the upcoming bZ4X SUV will have 252 miles of range on a charge. A limited trim model will run you $46,700. The vehicle is 3.7 inches longer than a RAV4, but is a couple inches shorter, for a sleeker, more aerodynamic look. It will come with a 6.6kW adapter which will take to full charge on a level 2 charger in 9 hours. Toyota will give buyers a year of free charges at all EVgo stations in the US, too.

After steering clear of EVs for a time and just building hybrids…with really only one EV model and one hydrogen one, Honda is finally going all in on EVs. We reported earlier on their deal with GM to produce EVs on a shared platform, in addition to Honda’s own platform. Now, reports that Honda will plow $40 billion into EVs, battery production, and software development. They are planning on 30 new EV models by 2030! Before that, we should see two mid-to-large SUVs, the Prologue and Acura, both hitting US roads in 2024. At first, Honda will rely on both lithium ion and solid state batteries, but will move to solid state totally before the decade ends. They are planning a solid state battery plant to be up and running by spring of 2024. 


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