MS Integrates 365 Cloud PCs into Win 11; Starbucks Goes ‘NFT’; Amazon’s Employee Chat App Bans Words; Fox Viewers Paid to Watch CNN Revised Political Views

Microsoft introduced cloud PCs last year, which let businesses access cloud PCs from anywhere via Windows 365 to stream a version of Win 10 or 11 inside a browser. Now, reports that Microsoft will let Windows 11 PCs boot directly to Windows 365 Cloud PCs or easily switch between them using Windows 11’s virtual desktops feature. It’s part of a hybrid work push for Windows, allowing businesses to support a mix of working remotely on traditional devices or through virtual cloud-powered ones. Microsoft is working on three new Windows 365 features that will be deeply integrated into Windows 11. Microsoft is also working on a Windows 365 offline feature, which will allow you to work locally when you don’t have connectivity to access a Cloud PC.

Now, you will not only be able to get your fancy coffee fix and your bagel, but Starbucks will also offer NFTs. According to, the company will be into the NFT business by the end of the year. Taco Bell and Papa Johns have also announced intentions to get into non-fungible tokens that allow people to secure unique ownership of artwork, videos, photos, and other digital content on the blockchain. If you have always wanted to own an original digital copy of something that can be copied like mad (although not your precious ‘original’ copy), and have money to burn…hey, go for it. I’m sticking with the hot beverages and a bagel!

An Orwellian twist has been spotted in Amazon’s planned worker chat app. says the app applies the company’s anti-union stance to language that can be used in the app. Besides blocking profanity, which is understandable, the app bars a number of ‘pro-union key words.’ Included in the ban list are “union,” it would also block terms like “compensation,” “pay raise,” “ethics” and even “robots.” The program associated with the app will reportedly launch this month. 

Researchers at University of California Berkeley and Yale paid a sample of Fox viewers to watch CNN for just 7 hours a week in September 2020. It was part of a 5 year study on the effect of partisan media on people’s political views. notes that they got an interesting result…a percentage of the group that watched CNN changed their views on long COVID (5% more likely to believe), President Biden (opinion of him 10% better), and mail ballots (24% more supported.)  The control group that continued to watch Fox didn’t change opinions. The researchers wrapped up the study with this statement: “Partisan media does not only present its side an electoral advantage—it may present a challenge for democratic accountability.”


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