Apple Paring Back iPhone SE Production; Sony Reviser Game Subs Service; TikTok Offers TikTok Library in-App Creation Tool; Get a Text From Yourself-Yep, Spam

After only rolling out the new iPhone SE weeks ago, Apple is already scaling back production. reports that Apple is doing this due to uncertainty caused by the current global conflict, but also because of low demand for the low line iPhone. Apple has also cut iPhone 13 production, but most Apple watchers say that is due to regular seasonal demand change. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says he looks for 15-20 million SE phones to be shipped in 2022 instead of 25 million.

In a move to better compete with Xbox’s Game Pass, Sony has officially rolled out its revised game subscription service. According to, Sony will stick with PlayStation Plus branding, but now it will be a 3 tier service. They pour PS Plus and PlayStation Now into the 3 tier service. The new middle tier is PlayStation Plus Extra. The base service is $10 a month, with the Extra tier running $15 a month. The top tier, now called PlayStation PlusDeluxe, is $18 a month, but each has a slew of payment options…the better to confuse gamers and suck more money out of them….just like all subscription services that are the darling of the tech industry right now.

TikTok has announced a new in-app creation tool called TikTok Library. It is intended to make it easier for creators to access entertainment content and participate in trends. says it will initially be populated with content from GIPHY, but TikTok says more content sources will be added. The videos and clips can be shared anywhere across the web with a link. 

PSA- If you get a text from your own number, it’s spam. This trick has been tried before, but it’s baaaak, so beware. notes that most say something to the effect that your cell phone bill is paid, and here’s ‘a little gift for you.’ Clicking the link is really a gift for the scammers, as they will need your info to send you the ‘gift.’ DON’T tap that link!


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