TikTok-Longer Videos; Samsung Freshens Galaxy Book Pros; Apple 20” Foldable Might Be MacBook Pro; Super Creepy Hotel & Apt Sound Tech

TikTok has YouTube users in its sights as they are rolling out the ability to upload longer videos, running up to 10 minutes. This will be available worldwide. Androidcentral.com reports that it isn’t the first time TikTok has allowed longer limits. This past July, they allowed videos of up to 3 minutes. What isn’t known is if or how this will affect the platform’s recommendation algorithm. Will the longer vids become more wildly popular than the minute videos or 3 minutes? We will know if just a few months. 

Samsung has freshened its Galaxy Book line with updates to the Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360. According to theverge.com, they will run you $1049.99 and $1249.99 respectively when they hit stores April 1st. Preorders will open March 18th. Both Pro models will be available as either 13.3 or 15.6 inch laptops. The banner update is that both will have 1080 pixel webcams. There are also some new background and face-effect features, and one of those kinda creepy Auto Framing tools that keeps you centered as you move around (hey, I might want to be off cam for a minute!) The displays are brighter, and the Pro convertible will come in a new burgundy color, in addition to graphite and silver. 

We reported last week on a possible 20 inch foldable that Apple might be working on. It’s been rumored as a mix between a MacBook and an iPad. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says (as picked up by 9to5mac.com) that it is probably really a big MacBook Pro with a touchscreen keyboard and keypad. He does note that it could still be used with an external keyboard, and act as an additional 20” screen to another computer, or as a couple screens itself. At any rate, you have time to save up…if it drops at all, it won’t be until 2026.

A hotel in San Francisco’s Castro District has embraced tech used by management company Kasa. Zdnet.com reports that the tech monitors ‘quiet hours’ from 9 PM to 8 AM. If you make noise greater than 72 decibels (db), you get a warning. For a 2nd offense, it’s a $500 fine and you are booted from the hotel. For comparison, office noise is about 70 db, and the average vacuum cleaner or radio is 75 db. It goes without saying that some folks making whoopee might exceed that db level! Hell of a price to pay for a few minutes of ecstasy! You think cams in an AirBnB are intrusive? Wait ‘till they have this tech, too! Better cover your face with a pillow when the magic moment ‘comes.’


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