Folding MacBook in Long Term Apple Plans?; Twitter Testing Way to Untag Yourself; Trump’s Twitter Clone Makes Shaky Debut; Anti-Vaxxers Have Killed Off Facebook Profile Frames

Lots of new Apple computers are coming this year, as the company moves away from Intel silicon and to Apple’s own chips. Now, a new rumor about a possible device being considered in the next few years. According to, Apple is putting off a folding iPhone until 2025, BUT they are also playing with the idea of a foldable 20 inch MacBook that is all screen! This would allow use as a laptop with a full sized keyboard, or fully unfolded, the device could be used as a 20 inch monitor when paired up with an external keyboard. Whether this device is actually released is no more than a guess right now. The same issues with folding screens on phones would apply to a MacBook (or even iPad) sized device, so in the end, Apple may decide it just isn’t robust enough to release. Hint to Apple- since you backtracked on the MacBook Pro, and added ports back…which I love…how about bringing back replaceable batteries, so our expensive laptops don’t become a no-deposit, no-return item? We understand you want to sell lots of computers, but heavy users now aren’t even going to get 4-5 years of decent battery life. We ought to be able to keep a laptop as long as a lot of people keep cars before trading!

Twitter appears to be trialing a function that will allow user to untag themselves from threads. reports that some users are seeing a new ‘leave this conversation.’ This is in addition to the ‘mute this conversation’ option that already exists. As is common for Twitter, they have had no comment about the feature test. Your Twitter handle still appears in the thread, but is no longer a hyperlink. Also, you can still see the thread if you want to…but this feature, if rolled out widely, will prevent others from dragging you into conversations you don’t wish to be involved in.

Donald Trump’s ‘Truth’ social app hit the Apple App Store last night, but apparently the launch is a bit shaky. says a number of people have reported that the haven’t been able to create an account. In spite of that, it hit number 1 in the App Store’s Top Charts this morning. Some people trying to create accounts were put on a waiting list. Will the app do any better than Parler, Gettr, or Rumble have with conservatives? Time will tell. 

You have probably used at least one…I know I have…whether urging people to vote, or to get vaccinated, or for some other cause…those profile picture frames on Faeebook have been a fixture for some time now. No more. According to, Facebook is effectively killing off the feature, and anti-vaxxers are to blame. While profile frames will still exist, only frames from “certain government services or organizations and those providing authoritative information on COVID-19” will be available to users. The reason? The frames repeatedly violated Facebook’s existing vaccine misinformation policies. Any existing custom profile frames will be deleted on March 21st. Facebook did say that profile pictures with a previously created frame will still be allowed. Frames created by official partners will also still be available. 


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