Twitter Rolls out ‘Disappearing Tweets’ Patch; Lucid Bags 17,000 More Orders in Quarter; Substack Hits a Million Paid Subscribers; Adaptive Headlights Finally Legal in US

Twitter is apparently in the middle of fixing the notorious ‘disappearing’ Tweets that have plagued the service for some time now. Tweets would disappear just as you were reading one. reports that a fix is being rolled out. Along with it, there is a Tweet counter bar at the top of the timeline. The fix is just being rolled out on the web client right now, so don’t look for it yet on mobile devices…although Twitter says that is coming. the full suite of patches will be out in a variety of updates over the next couple months. 

Lucid…that ‘other’ electric car maker just starting to get wheels on the road, has picked up an additional 17,000 orders since the end of the third quarter. According to, they have now delivered about two dozen of the pricey Air Dream Edition ($169,000 a pop) since the end of October. The Lucid Grand Touring is rated at a range of a whopping 516 miles! The company’s reservation bank now adds up to about $1.3 billion worth of EVs. They expect to produce around 20,000 cars next year, and are shooting for 500,00 per year by the end of the decade. BTW, the base model is $77,000…still a bit eye-watering, but a far cry from the top end model at $169,000!

Substack has amassed over a million paid subscriptions as of this week. Nieman Lab says that’s double what they had just 10 months ago, and for times the number of a year ago. Nieman notes that the number of subscribers is more like 500,000, as many people pay for more than one Substack. Also…paid subscribers are a small fraction at this point of the total readership….between 5 and 10%. That would give the platform over 10 million readers at best. Even so, the top 10 writers on Substack generate about $20 million in annual revenue. Substack declined to name the top 10 writers, claiming it changes constantly. 

Full adaptive headlights are finally legal in the US, after President Biden signed the infrastructure bill yesterday. These aren’t just the ones that can ‘see’ around corners. Best known are Audi’s Digital Matrix LEDs, that automatically shut off clusters of LEDs when you are driving. notes that this will prevent blinding oncoming cars. Present LED headlights really only go from blazingly bright to just merely bright…they are never really dim. The cool thing is, the next get adaptive headlights can switch off clusters that would blind the oncoming cars, while keeping plenty of light on the roadway and signs. In the Bay Area, think about the focused LED street lights on the new section of the Bay Bridge. They don’t get in your face, but brilliantly light up the lanes and signage. You will probably see lots of new cars with the adaptive headlights in the next couple years. 


One Comment on “Twitter Rolls out ‘Disappearing Tweets’ Patch; Lucid Bags 17,000 More Orders in Quarter; Substack Hits a Million Paid Subscribers; Adaptive Headlights Finally Legal in US”

  1. LED headlights v.1 are ridiculously dangerous.

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