Galaxy Note Replacement Date Leaks; Netflix May Make iOS Games Available on App Store; Musk Twitter Poll on Selling Stock; Group Buys McAfee

The Galaxy Note was dropped this year, as Samsung focused on folding phones. Note users are pretty rabid fans, though, and Samsung has a replacement for them. It’s the Galaxy S22 Ultra. reports that YouTube leaker Jon Prosser is touting an unveiling of the Galaxy S21 FE on January 4th, with it available on the 11th. This handset is late, as it was expected last summer. The more interesting leak is for the Galaxy S22 Ultra…that date is February 18th, according to Prosser. The Ultra will have an S Pen that lives on the left side of the Ultra. There are apparently 5 camera openings on the back of the phone. So the net is, Samsung has dropped the Note name, but the device lives on, so Note fans…you only have to wait until just after Valentine’s Day to score the latest version.

Netflix has mobile games available on Android, and there has been a good deal of questioning about when they will follow on Apple’s App Store. It’s a sticky situation since Apple policies ban all-in-one gaming services. According to, Netflix is going to release games ‘individually’ on the App Store. The main Netflix app will have access to the game catalog, but you will be launching a separate app with you tap the game. Unless a government or successful lawsuit forces Apple to open things up more, this will remain how Netflix will need to operate when it comes to games on iOS.

Over the weekend, Elon Musk queried his Twitter followers as to whether he should sell off 10% of his stock. “Much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10% of my Tesla stock,” he tweeted. The followers said ‘sell’ to the tune of 58%. says Musk was going to sell anyway, regardless of the outcome…he will over over $15 billion in taxes in the coming months, so has to sell to pay off his tax bill. Tesla was down 9% earlier today, but now is just off about 3% as this is being written. A question I have is whether the SEC will consider the Twitter poll stunt as stock manipulation. It won’t be the first time Musk has gotten into hot water with the Feds over his off the cuff Tweets. The poll is to say nothing of his snarky Tweet about Senator Ron Wyden’s anatomy!

An investor group has picked up McAfee, the web security company for more than $14 billion. According to, the investors will be able to take the company private. McAfee had been turning to cloud services, but now it appears that they will direct energies and cash towards the consumer side of their business. The deal should close the first half of 2022. 


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