Clubhouse Does the Wave; Facebook Shareholder Suit; Laser 3D Chicken; Switch Expansion Pack

After the feature was leaked last week, Clubhouse is officially launching a new way to invite people to audio chats called “Wave.” The company announced the news at a surprise town hall yesterday and has enabled the feature today for all users on iOS and Android. According to, with Wave, you can invite friends to a live audio room just by tapping a waving hand emoji. Once they receive their invitation, they can choose to join your call and immediately get added to an audio room. 

In a newly unsealed lawsuit, Facebook shareholders allege that the company intentionally overpaid a $5 billion Federal Trade Commission fine to protect CEO Mark Zuckerberg from further government scrutiny.” The Washington Post reports that Zuckerberg, Sandberg, and other Facebook directors agreed to authorize a multi-billion settlement with the FTC as an express quid pro quo to protect Zuckerberg from being named in the FTC’s complaint.

Creative Machines Lab at Columbia Engineering has developed a system of software-controlled lasers to cook food with precision. says engineers at Columbia University have also figured out how to simultaneously 3D print AND cook layers of pureed chicken. We’re one step closer to the Star Trek replicator. To quote Captain Picard: ’TEA-Earl Gray-Hot.’ 

Nintendo is rolling out a new membership plan for Switch Online, and it’ll unlock a library of classic Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles. The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription tier will go live in October. According to, Nintendo has not shared pricing details yet, but the company says more information is coming soon. 


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