T-Mobile Breach Update; Twitter-New Process Reporting COVID Misinformation; CES 2022-Live, but Vaxx Proof Needed; OnlyFans Launches New ‘PG-13’ App

We reported earlier this week that T-Mobile had a data breach that affected over 100 million users. Now, the carrier has confirmed that some 47.8 million users have had their data compromised. Engadget.com reports that 7.8 million are current T-Mobile postpaid accounts and the rest are prior or potential users that applied for credit. Unfortunately, the data is a gold mine of info….first and last names, date of birth, Social Security Number, and driver license number…though not all of that was hacked on all customers. ‘So far,’ T-Mobile hasn’t seen that the hackers got phones numbers, account numbers, passwords, or financial info. T-Mobile advises all postpaid users to change their PIN immediately. The hacker had claimed on the dark web to have 100 million accounts’ info, and was trying to sell info for about 30 million of them for around $270,000 in Bitcoin. 

Twitter has unveiled a new reporting feature that lets users flag Tweets containing possible COVID-19 misinformation. According to theverge.com, users will be able to select whether the misleading comment is political, health-related, or falls into another category. The feature should be available now in the US, Australia, and South Korea. Twitter has said they won’t be able to check every single report, but will use data from the feature to determine how to expand it. The feature is aimed at easing government pressure on Twitter (as well as Facebook) to clean up their algorithms to reduce the amplification of harmful information. 

After running with an all-digital version in 2021, the giant CES show will be back in Vegas with a live show in 2022…but will require proof of vaccination. Cnet.com says that CES will follow CDC protocols and require proof of vaccination…although they are still weighing proof of a positive antibody test as an alternative. CES is the biggest consumer electronics show around, with over 1,000 companies showing off their latest and greatest. CES said they will run a digital event that will run in parallel. Among others, Amazon, AMD, AT&T, Daimler AG, Dell, Google, Hyundai, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, LG, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Samsung and Sony — are on board for the event. CES will run January 5th through the 8th, with media days on January 3rd and 4th. 

In the movies, and TV, it’s nearly impossible for an actor to jump from XXX rated stuff to general audience productions. Now, we’ll see if that holds true for an app. According to Mashable.com, OnlyFans has launched a new app with no nudity and no paywall. For and entity that has pretty well only existed on ‘nekkid’ people and in flagrante delicto activity, it remains to be seen (so to speak) whether this will work for them. The app is called OFTV on both iOS and Android. It has launched with some 800 videos from over 100 creators, ranging from vlogs to cooking to meditation. For comparison, the regular not-safe-for-work OnlyFans has over a million creators and generates a whopping $2 billion in annual sales! Will they be able to get past their blue reputation and make this ‘safe’ platform fly. Time will tell. 


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