Galaxy S22- 200 MP Cam; Ring Getting End-to-End Encryption; Gmail Logo Authentication; Refreshed iPad Mini This Fall

Samsung will apparently bow a whopping 200MP main cam on the upcoming Galaxy S22, and is partnering with Olympus. According to, the monster cam will be part of a 5-cam array on the back of the phone. Samsung has already had a 108MP main shooter, but this is a huge jump. No details about the partnership with Olympus have leaked yet, but this won’t be the first smartphone partnership with a major DSLR camera maker. The S22 is expected to drop in January.

Ring is starting to roll out end-to-end encryption to US users and globally. reports that it’s an opt-in feature, and a welcome one, which will make it so your video streams can only be viewed by you on an ‘enrolled’ iOS or Android device. Ring (and therefore Amazon) allegedly can’t access the footage. The encryption works on 13 different Ring cams, and info on how to set it up is available at their website. If you are running a battery powered Ring, though…the website says you are out of luck.

The marketing departments of big companies are rejoicing…Gmail has announced support for email logo authentication. says an agreement was struck between Google and the AuthIndicators Working Group, which developed the Brand Indicators for Message Identification, or BIMI. Why should you care? On top of offering companies a “secure, global framework in which inboxes display sender-designated logos for authenticated messages,” the effort is also meant to stop people from “spoofing” the logos of different enterprises. It is hoped that the authenticated logos will reduce the use of logos of banks and the like by people doing phishing attacks. Time will tell on that!

An earlier rumor had new iPads coming out this fall. Now, it looks like only a refreshed iPad Mini with no home button and slimmer bezels will be the extent of it. According to Bloomberg, Apple is still working on updated iPads with Apple’s new M series silicon inside. Still, if you like the smaller footprint, this is supposed to be the biggest redesign in the Mini’s 9 years. It apparently won’t balloon in size to 8.5 to 9 inches as had been predicted earlier.


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