Google Tests Unreliable Search Warning; Android Apps on Win 11; Apple Watch 7 Leak; Instagram Tests Desktop Posting

Google is testing a new feature to notify people when they search for a topic that may have unreliable results. The idea is  to give people more context about breaking information that’s popular online — like suspected UFO sightings or developing news stories — that are actively evolving. According to, the new prompt warns “If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources.”  Google, Twitter, and Facebook have often struggled to handle the high volume of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and unverified news stories. 

In addition to all the new features announced yesterday, Microsoft is also bringing Android apps to Windows 11. The software giant revealed its surprise Windows 11 addition during its special Windows event yesterday. reports that Android apps will run natively on Windows 11 and will be downloadable from Amazon’s Appstore, via the new Windows store that’s included in the operating system. Apps will be listed in the new Windows store. 

A new rumor claims that Apple is preparing a significant change inside the new Watch that could be great news for Apple Watch fans unhappy with the one Apple feature that hasn’t improved over the years….battery life. Macrumors says Apple is working on a two-sided system on a chip, which will take less room…and leave more room for a bigger battery. The Watch has had 18 hours battery life for years…no fun when you are away from the proprietary charger. We may see the changes in the Apple Watch 7. 

After years of solely focusing on its mobile product, Instagram is at long last thinking about letting users post from their computers. notes that a number of Twitter uses noticed that the test feature had gone live yesterday. Apparently over the course of the pandemic, the company saw a rise in people cruising Instagram from their computers rather than their phones. To see if the test is live for you, head to Instagram in your browser and look for a new “plus” icon in the icon tray on the top right. 


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