Twitter Share to Instagram Feature; Brave Privacy Search; Boston Dynamics Now With Hyundai; Facebook Expands Shopping Tools

Twitter started testing a feature about 6 months ago that allowed you to use the iOS share sheet to add tweets to Instagram Stories. Now, reports that the company is rolling out that tool to all iOS users. You can access it by tapping the share icon, which you can find underneath every tweet, and then tapping the Instagram Stories option at the bottom of the menu that appears. Keep in mind that tweets you share to Instagram end up as non-interactive elements in your Stories, and you can’t tap on one to see it in its original context on Twitter.

Pro-privacy browser Brave, which has been testing its own brand search engine for several months —has now launched the tool, Brave Search, in global beta. According to, users interested in checking out Brave’s non-tracking search engine, which is built on top of an independent index and touted as a privacy-safe alternative to surveillance tech products like Google search, will find it via Brave’s desktop and mobile browsers. It can also be reached from other browsers via — so doesn’t require switching to Brave’s browser to use.

Hyundai Motor Group has officially completed its acquisition of robotics company Boston Dynamics. notes that the deal was announced in December and valued Boston Dynamics at $1.1 billion. The purchase sees Hyundai pick up an 80 percent controlling stake in the company, with the previous owner, Softbank, retaining 20 percent ownership. The deal will hopefully create a stable home for Boston Dynamics, which has continued to pump out the world’s most impressive robots despite continual ownership changes. 

Facebook has announced a series of new tools and features designed to expand commerce on its social media platforms, including the addition of Shops on WhatsApp and visual search on Instagram. According to, Facebook is bringing Shops to WhatsApp and Marketplace on Facebook. Facebook is also introducing Shop ads, which is essentially a personalized ads experience based on a person’s shopping preferences. The platform is also working on a visual search capability on Instagram. 


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