Samsung Bows Tiny 50MP Cam Sensor; Microsoft-Xbox Everywhere; Ford Tallies 100,000 F-150 EV Preorders; Facebook Plans Smartwatch

Samsung has revealed a new 50MP camera sensor module that is small enough to use for selfies, and would cut down on the camera ‘bumps’ we all know and hate. According to, the JN1 sensor will be able to capture more light than smaller sensors, and in fact, has an improvement in light sensitivity of 16%. More importantly for most of us, it is small enough to cut the stupid camera bumps down by 10%. The sensor has already gone into production…it should be out in smartphones later this year. 

Microsoft continues to push for the ability to play Xbox games anywhere. Whether you are playing on one of their $499 or $399 gaming boxes, or on a PC, or dropping $15 a month to play on your tablet or phone, apparently Redmond wants even more reach for their game platform. reports that Microsoft is looking at getting Xbox games to you over a hotel room TV or via a small streaming set top box you can jack into at TV or monitor at a friend’s house (or work, if you can get away with it!) Microsoft is working with internet capable TV makers to build the streaming platform in like many other streaming services, so that all you would need is a controller. E3 is coming up on Sunday, there may be more announcements then.

Ford has now banked 100,000 preorders for its F-150 Lightening electric pickup in 3 weeks. Although that’s not near what Tesla did with the Cybertruck….250,000 preorders in 5 days…it’s significant in that Ford isn’t known for a line of EVs, and IS the biggest seller of pickups in the world. says Ford sold some 787,000 F-150 pickups last year….and there are over 16 million Ford trucks on the road in the US. With the announce of the under $20 grand Maverick Hybrid pickup this week, Ford now says the Explorer SUV will be the next big Ford model to get and EV version. 

Given Facebook’s…well, just plain crappy track record with hardware so far, you’d think Zuck would get a clue and leave hardware to companies who are better at making and selling it. Nope. According to, Facebook iss working on a smartwatch to drop next summer with two cameras and a heart rate monitor. Apparently, the display can be popped off the wrist for shooting video or taking pics, which can be shared over Facebook, Instagram, and other Facebook apps. They are apparently working with US carriers to be able to have LTE connectivity in the watch, which means they will work without having to be paired with a smartphone. Facebook is shooting for making the watch in black, white, and gold colors. It is believed they would also use the watch eventually as an input device for the smart glasses they are still working on. The watch would be priced around $400, according to rumors.


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