Apple iPad & Mac Spring Loaded Event Recap

Apple crammed a lot of announcements into today’s event, streamed from Apple Park. The expected upgrade to the iPad Pro saw the introduction of new models that feature the M1 chip, like the Macs and MacBooks run on. Highlights include a 8 core CPU that’s 50% faster than before, and 40% faster graphics from the system on a chip. Apple claims all-day battery life, and an available 2TB version. The Pro gets 5 G and LiDAR, and a new ultra wide camera with 12MP that pans to keep you centered in frame. The 12.9 inch Mini-LED display makes a debut, after several years of rumors. The 11 inch iPad Pro stays $799 and the 12.9 inch one starts at $1099..BUT…brace yourself…a maxed out one with the 2TB memory and all will set you back $2400! Preorders open April 30th, they will ship the second half of May.

New iMacs were unveiled…impossibly thin, and in a rainbow of colors (shades of the old days…you can sue me for the pun, but good luck.) The new iMacs also rock the M1 system on a chip that the Macs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros have been moving to. The iMac has an all glass front, the base model features a 24 inch screen in nearly the same size as the prior 21.5 incher, and there is (finally!) a 1080p cam. A three mic array is included, that minimizes background noise and clarifies your voice on the likes of Zoom calls. The new iMacs get 4 tiny woofers and two tweeters, for better sound. Apple claims they are 85% faster than the previous iMac, with 2X faster graphics. You can run iOS on them, too. There are 4 USB-C ports (two of which are also Thunderbolt), and a version of the Mag Safe power connector. There are three different keyboards to choose from…two of which have TouchID. The mouse and trackpad are mainly changed cosmetically. New iMacs start at $1299 and $1499, and will be out the 2nd half of May.

Apple TV+ gets a new aluminum remote and can be used in conjunction with an iPhone to adjust color on your TV to cinema standards automatically. 

Air Tags finally make their debut. They are small round discs, which can be used with the Find My app to track your stuff…keys, wallet, or whatever. Air Tags will sell for $29 each, or 4 for $99. Preorders open Friday, and out next month. Apple has a number of key fobs, etc. to hold them and as I was writing this, I ALREADY got a third party email about them, LOL! The Air Tags use a readily available button battery that is user replaceable….a refreshing change from most everything else Apple sells.

iPhone (I know, they will be out in September) gets a mid-season refresh, with the addition of a purple color. You can preorder your new purple iPhone this Friday, and they will be out next month.

A cool announcement about Apple Card. Unlike most every credit card and credit vehicle, the Apple Card is now not only sharable with your spouse or partner, but they will get credit for your score on their credit report as you will. This is a change long overdue in the finance world! You can also add kids over 13 with limits.


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