2022 iPhone Rumors; Samsung April Unpacked; Gaming Exercise Bike; Hundreds of Companies Oppose Voter Restrictions

It’s been previously rumored that Apple would roll out a major camera upgrade to next year’s iPhones. Now, apple insider reports that Ming-Chi Kuo has dropped some specifics. In the past, Apple has focused on other elements besides ‘megapixel escalation.’ Well, the 2022 iPhone shooters will have a huge 48 megapixel wide angle cam. Previously, Apple has introduced upgrades to the wide angle cam first, and added it later to the telephoto and ultra-wide one. The camera assemblies will come from Sony as in the past. There will be a tilt control plus a more complicated cam module. Besides the camera, Kuo says Cupertino will drop the iPhone Mini in 2022. The 6.1 inch base iPhone, 6.1 inch Pro, and 6.7 inch Pro Max will continue. 

Get ready for another Samsung Unpacked…the third in 4 months! According to cnet.com, rumors are that this one will reveal new laptops. The event is virtual, and will be held at 7AM Pacific on April 28th. All the invite says is that ‘the most powerful Galaxy is coming.’ Besides upgraded Galaxy Books, there may be new Chromebooks, too. The Pro models could have 5G built in and feature OLED screens. While some sectors have suffered during the pandemic, laptops have been burning things up as more people snap up better ones to more easily work from hime. 

If you just need some more motivation to get off the couch or your chair and exercise, and are a gamer or web surfer, you’re in luck…but bring some cash. Businessinsider.com says Playpulse’s new indoor exercise bike lets you play virtual bumper cars and a racing game called ‘Heat Street, and a couple other games, as well as accessing streaming services including Netflix , HBO Now, Hulu , Amazon Prime Video, and Twitch , along with YouTube. The bike is delivered to your home and set up, and there is a free trial and return policy. Before you wave a fistful of cash and yell ‘Take my money!’ you should know it runs $1999. You do get 6 months of the Playpulse Live service, which is regularly $19.99 a month. If you don’t want to be locked into their games, advanced data tracking, and workouts, you can still access the streaming services. There are delivery delays, though. It could be December, but they have a sale on right now…if you buy now for later delivery, 40% off…Which is $1199, and still includes the Playpulse Live service. 

The opposition to restrictive voting laws has spilled over from the political sphere into the world of business. First, we had around 100 major corporations sign on in opposition to the flood of voter restriction laws in the states. Then, 60 major law firms joined in. Now, according to the New York Times, there are hundreds of companies who have joined the opposition to the newly minted and proposed laws…including Amazon, BlackRock, Google, Warren Buffett, American Express, Merck, Microsoft, Starbuck’s, General Motors, Facebook, Apple, and Google. The push was organized by Kenneth Frazier, Chief Executive of Merck, and former chief of American Express Kenneth Chenault. 


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