Facebook Adding (Back) ‘Most Recent’ to Timeline; Nest Hello Successor Indicated; Apple Maps Adds COVID Measures; LinkedIn Working on Clubhouse Clone

If you constantly have to toggle to Most Recent on your Facebook timeline, you are in luck. Macrumors.com reports that Facebook has announced a number of changes coming up in both iOS and Android, that make it easier for users to turn off the algorithmically ranked News Feed, and also new tools for controlling who can comment on posts. The ‘Most Recent’ mode shows posts in chronological order, as opposed to being served to you based on their algorithm. It is out now on Android, and should be in the next couple weeks on iOS. You will also be able to turn off political ads (!!) and ’Snooze’ annoying people or pages, so you can stop seeing their posts. 

Google Home V. 2.35 is being released on Android and iOS, and has an interesting item. According to 9to5google.com, there is a graphic of the back of a new Google Nest gadget, and it appears to be a new version of the Hello doorbell. Also in the update…they have made ‘Accessibility’ options for Smart Displays and Assistant speakers…well, more accessible. In the list, the Accessibility options appear in a new menu under ‘Device Features.’ The toggles were previously split between the Display and Audio pages…now, they are conveniently consolidated. As for the pic of the possible updated Hello doorbell…The device appears narrower than the 2018 model, while the diagnostic micro-USB connector has been replaced and modernized.

Apple Maps has added a cool feature, and one which will be especially handy as folks start to travel more again. Engadget.com says when you search for an airport, the place card will include a summary of coronavirus related procedures that airport has. The summary may include things like the need to wear a mask, quarantine guidelines and any testing requirements. Each card also includes a link to the airport’s website where you can find out about those in more detail.Apple has also listed vaccination sites and testing locations in Maps. Google Maps has already rolled out a similar suite of COVID-19 related features.

As has been true forever, someone comes out with an idea, it gets hot, and gangs of other companies try to clone it. Now, LinkedIn is joining the scrum of companies trying to duplicate the buzzy Clubhouse. Techcrunch.com reports LinkedIn is testing out a social audio experience in its app. Unlike the Clubhouse copies being built by Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn thinks it will have a good niche because it will connect people via their professional identity, not just a social community. LinkedIn has also just launched a new ‘Creator’ mode that lets anyone set their profile so it can be followed for updates, like Facebook Stories and LinkedIn Live videos. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Telegram and Discord have also been working on Clubhouse rivals. It will be interesting to see what LinkedIn does, should they succeed in buying Discord.


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