Apple Watch Explorer Edition; NY- First Digital COVID Passport; Jeep Building EV Chargers at Off-Road Trails; San Diego Comic-Con in Person This Fall

Apple is apparently working on an ‘Explorer Edition’ Watch, which would be ruggedized for extreme sports or harsh environments. According to, it will feature a rubberized exterior and better impact resistance.  It would be aimed at rock climbing, motocross, and other sports activities where a normal Apple Watch might take a beating…and not keep on ticking…to paraphrase the old Timex slogan. The Explorer Edition is NOT expected to be out by this fall. Speaking of fall, you would presumably turn off the hard fall detector feature on this watch, or it would be calling 911 for you every time you had a hard bump. Mine goes off sometimes when banging on a cat box I’m emptying! The rumors have the Explorer Edition being priced up with the top line Watch…don’t expect it with the lower cost models.

There has been buzz around the world about digital COVID-19 vaccination passports that would live in your smartphone wallet. Now, New York state has launched theirs…the Excelsior Pass. reports that now, You can use your phone’s virtual wallet (on Android or iOS) or a printout to flash a QR code and otherwise show that you’re safe when you want to go to a concert or stage performance. Madison Square Garden will begin using the pass this week with other large venues to follow…and smaller ones starting on April 2nd. The pass is completely voluntary for both the public and for businesses. Although some are grousing about the invasion of privacy from carrying medical info on smartphones, right now this seems the best way to ensure that people in venues with sizable crowds are relatively safe from COVID-19.

While Tesla has its system of Superchargers, GM is ready to build thousands of EV charging stations, and other makers are preparing to put in 10,000 or more coast-to-coast, what about folks who want to do some off-roading in there e-RV? says that Jeep is building charging points at popular off-roading trails around the country. They are being put up in partnership with Electrify America. The first ones should be available late this spring in Moab, Utah and in California at Big Bear, and the Rubicon Trail. The planned chargers are level 2. Jeep presently has a plug in hybrid, but is planning a fully electric version of every model.

Comic-Con will be back! An in-person one, too! The event is scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend, November 26th through the 28th in San Diego. According to, this will be the 2nd summer in a row the event was cancelled due to COVID-19…but better late than never, huh? Comic-Con is normally one of the biggest conventions in the US, pulling in 130,000 people to San Diego. Comic-Con International says that if you purchased a ticket to Comic-Con 2020, your rolled over 2021 ticket is valid for the next in-person event in 2022. However, the organization is “working on an option for those wishing to transfer their badge or exhibitor deposits/payments as full or partial payment towards our 2021 November event.”


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