Netflix Passes Another Milestone; Malwarebytes Admits Hacking By solarWinds Hackers; Israeli Battery Charges as Fast As You Can Gas Up; Facebook Keeps Trump Ban

Netflix has now surpassed 200 million subscribers worldwide. reports that Netflix has pointed out that its original TV shows accounted for 9 of the top 10 most Googled series in 2020. Netflix is rolling out its shuffle play feature (which some users have had for several months now.) The feature picks shows for you. In a big deal for investors, Netflix says the  will no longer need to raise external financing for day to day operations. 

Malwarebytes has revealed that it was hacked by the same bad guys who pierced SolarWinds last year. According to, Malwarebytes says the hackers only got access to a limited subset of internal company emails. The company said it has made further adjustments to secure its systems, but claims its products were never affected and that they remain safe. 

A company in Israel has developed a battery for electric cars that can be recharged  to a good level in 5 minutes, about the time it takes to gas up a car! says the company, StoreDot, has now produced its first 1,000 EV battery packs. They are utilizing batteries made by Eve Energy in China. The packs can get you 100 miles of range in 5 minutes. While the batteries are still lithium ion, they substitute nanoparticles of germanium instead of graphite. Future runs will use silicon nanoparticles, to be more cost effective. They will cost the same as present lithium ion batteries. StoreDot expects them to be in cars by 2025.

Facebook now says there is no plan to lift the indefinite suspension of Donald Trump’s Facebook account, even since he’s no longer in the White House. According to NBC, the ban will say in effect due to his incitement of the rioters who attacked the US Capitol. It still could be lifted at some point…it’s not a permanent ban like Twitter and Snapchat have on Trump accounts.


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