Amazon Removing QAnon Items from Storefront; Twitter Removing 70,000 QAnon Accounts; Free Decrypter Defangs Darkside; Intel 12th Gen Chips Aim to Challenge ARM & Apple M1 Chips

Amazon is pulling products related to QAnon from their storefront, including self-published books that support conspiracy theories, clothes, posters, stickers, and more. According to, products that “promote, incite, or glorify hate or violence toward any person or group” are not permitted on the platform, the company said in a statement. If a merchant tries to get around the ban, they will be removed from the Amazon storefront platform. 

Twitter has deleted over 70,000 accounts since last Friday that had been sharing QAnon conspiracy theories and other fake information. reports that the crackdown is part of a push to remove content that promotes violence in the aftermath of last week’s attack on the Capitol building. On Tuesday, Twitter said it has also taken other actions in the wake of the violence on Capitol Hill, including escalating enforcement against tweets that share election misinformation and blocking some phrases from surfacing in trends and searchers.

A free tool is out from security firm Bitdefender to help victims of Darkside ransomware recover their encrypted files for free, without paying the ransom demand. says the tool is a free download from Bitdefender’s site, along with instructions for use. It is thought the Darkside group will reprogram their malware, but at least this will slow them down and make it more expensive for them to try to hack into systems and lock them down.

Intel has teased its upcoming chips, the hybrid Alder Lake chipsets will mirror what Arm does, with a mix of high efficiency and high performance cores, according to Intel says the chips will be for desktop and mobile, much like Apple is doing with the underlying tech for its M1 chips. The Alder Lake family should bow in the second part of 2021.


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