Microsoft Looks to Unify Mail Apps with ‘One Outlook’; Dell Laptops Auto Webcam Shutter; Apple to ‘Phase 2’ of AR Glasses Prototype; FCC-New Google Device…Nest Hub?

Microsoft appears poised to replace its numerous versions of mail with ‘One Outlook.’ reports that the new single version of Outlook will replace Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps, as well as its legacy Win 32 Outlook client with a single Outlook client for both Windows and Mac. Right now, it’s a project code named ‘Project Monarch.’ It is apparently designed to be better for larger screen experiences. According to Windows Central, we could see a preview of ‘One Outlook’ by late 2021, but it won’t replace the built-in Mail and calendar apps in Windows 10 until some time in 2022.

In a better answer for laptop cams with all the web meetings going on during the pandemic, Dell’s latest Latitude business laptops are featuring a webcam shutter to physically block your cam when it’s not in use. According to, this will be fully automated…a nice upgrade from the shutters you have to slide manually, or the infamous post it notes that everyone from you and I to Zuckerberg have been using to cover the damned things when not in use! There are also ‘mute’ keys to manually mute the mic or cam as needed. The 14 inch 9420 will be $1949. No pricing for the 15.6 inch 95s0 yet. Release is ‘this Spring.

 Dell is also rolling out new monitors this month, including 3 that will be the first ones certified for Microsoft Teams. They feature a Teams button that will quickly launch the app to make and receive video calls. Hands free commands are also supported via Cortana and the built-in microphone. Prices range from $519.99 for a 24 inch model up to $1149 for a curved 34 inch model. Those drop on February 16th. 

Apple is readying to hit the ‘2nd phase of development’ for their augmented reality glasses prototype. says this comes from a paywalled preview in a DigiTimes story. It is thought that Apple may release an AR headset this year…in fact, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned this in a piece a few days ago, saying Apple suppliers are gearing up for an unspecified Apple AR device this year. The latest thinking is that we could see an AR headset this year, and possibly the finished version of Apple AR glasses in 2022.

A new Filing with the FCC points to a new device, called an ‘Interactive Device’, as meaning a new Nest Hub Smart Display is on the way. According to, Google has used ‘Interactive’ in describing smart displays and speakers up to now. The device has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee. Zigbee is a big tell, as that is used by a number of smart home devices. The Nest Hub Max is over a year old, and the Home/Nest Hub is more than 2 years old, so it’s a good bet that this is a replacement with display to one of those. 


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