Samsung-600 MP Sensor; Apple Blazes Ahead To All-ARM MacBooks; Amazon Zoox Robotaxi Spotted; Bond-James Bond-Free on YouTube

As if their crazy high megapixel count wasn’t high enough at 108, Samsung is rumored to be working on a 192 MP cam, and a truly WTF 600 MP sensor! reports that it will be 1/0.57-inches in size. That still isn’t the biggest in sensor size, though. Huawei has on in the P40 Pro+ that is 1/1.28 inches. The monster Samsung sensor will cover a lot of back panel real estate, and will be 22mm thick…compared to most phones’ cam modules that are under 10mm thick. Rumors are, it can pick up more detail than the human eye can see. Will we see this Frankencam in a phone? Too early to tell.

After rolling out their first two ARM chipped MacBook models, Apple is pushing ahead at full throttle, including a successor to their M1 chip with up to 20 CPU cores. According to, they would be 16 high performance cores, and 4 efficiency ones. Apple plans to show higher end MacBook Pro models and both entry level and high-end iMac desktops with ARM chips in 2021, with an ARM Mac Pro slated for 2022. They are also working on 16-core and even 32-core GPUs, too. Down the road, even 64 or 128 graphics cores may be coming…which would be several times faster than the present modules Apple gets from Nvidia and AMD. It seems that with computers, as with cars, there is never enough speed!

Amazon picked up Zoox earlier this year. The self-driving taxi company had been tooling around San Francisco in matte black Lexus SUVs. Now, says the Amazon/Zoox robotaxi has been spotted in the wild. It was shot over the weekend being photographed outside the Fairmont Hotel in SF. There were two of the unusual looking vehicles on scene…they look like they are coming and going at the same time, and have coach type seating. From the looks of them, it appears they could deliver packages, too…hmmm. Amazon…packages…there’s a thought. The vehicles are to be officially unveiled December 14th. 

If you have binged your way through everything on Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and the rest, how about something old school? reports that YouTube is streaming the first 19 James Bond movies for free right now. That will take you through all the iterations of Bond…James Bond up to the Daniel Craig era. (If you want to revisit a couple of Craig films, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are on Netflix….not Skyfall or Spectre, though.) If you are interested, better get going…it’s likely to only be a short time deal in the ‘Free to Watch’ Section of YouTube.

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