Home Working Burnout; iPhone May See Record Sales; Sony-Spatial Reality Display; Private Theater Rental From AMC

So people have always gotten burned out at work. Now, we are seeing what burnout from working from home stacks up like. Geekwire.com reports that a survey of over 3,000 workers spread over 40 companies found that 68% of the respondents say they are more burned out now than from working at the office! Companies surveyed included Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Expedia. 

Amazon workers surveyed are 74% more burned out working from home and 76% of Microsoft workers feel that way. The number jumps to 83% at Bellevue, Wash.-based wireless carrier T-Mobile. Blind also found 60% of those surveyed are working more hours than prior to the pandemic, with 67% at Amazon and 70% at Microsoft reporting longer work days. On the plus side, no commutes and quicker, better access to food, snacks, and the bathroom! 

Based on initial orders in Taiwan, carriers there predict that iPhone sales will be the highest since the iPhone 6. According to macrumors.com, carriers in Taiwan sold out of iPhone 12 preorders in 45 minutes. The iPhone 12 Pro models sold quickly, too…with delivery times slipping to November in less than an hour after pre-orders were opened. Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Mini open on November 6th. 

Sony is jumping into the so-called Volumetric 3D display arena, with what it calls the Spatial Reality Display…technically known as ELF-SR1. Venturebeat.com says that Sony will initially target businesses with the glasses free 3D, but they plan to eventually expand to consumer-facing apps. The 4K display looks much like a traditional computer monitor ‘fixed on a 45 degree recline, with a triangular frame.’ It combines a 15.6 inch screen with a micro optical lens coating and an eye tracking cam.

The 4K resolution is actually effectively split into twin 2K arrays (one for each eye), and they use live pupil tracking data and precision alignment of the micro lenses that overlay the pixels to deliver what Sony terms sharp, realistic 3D imagery. Think of it as being like the Nintendo 3DS, only with much better resolution and eye tracking to avoid the headaches. The display will initially sell for $5,000, and ships in November..order directly from Sony’s website. 

Want to feel like a baller? AMC may satiate your whim to live like the 1% with private theater rentals. As a lot of the entertainment industry (and many, many others), theaters have been getting clobbered due to the pandemic. Now, techcrunch.com reports that AMC may let you rent out a theater for only $99. You can have up to 20 friends for classic flicks like Jurassic Park or Nightmare Before Christmas. New titles will set you back up to $349 for a single screening. Hey, if you split the cost, the $99 split over 20 friend i only $4.95 each. Of course, you’ll get whacked on the concessions…as usual, LOL!


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