Amazon Career Day-Thousands of Jobs; Nintendo Ramping up Switch Production; Panasonic Increasing Battery Production at Tesla Gigafactory; Google Phone App to More Devices

Amazon will be holding its virtual career day on September 16th. reports that the online and cloud giant wants to add about 33,000 corporate and tech positions, as well as thousands of additional hourly gigs within its operations network. Amazon will provide around 20,000 career coaching sessions during the event, and will also have panel discussions, code workshops, and interviews with Amazon execs. Registration for the event should be open now.

Nintendo is ramping up Switch production again to keep up with increased demand continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to, they are shooting for 30 million of the units this year, up from 19-22 million early in the year, and after re-setting to 25 million later during the pandemic. Both the Switch and Switch Lite are in short enough supply to command premium prices on Amazon and elsewhere. Nintendo has a new Switch on the drawing board for next year. It may be a high-end model, as some game makers have been asked to program 4K upgrades to their titles.

Panasonic is firing cup another production line at the giant Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada. says the expansion will increase cell capacity by 10%. The line will mean adding 100 more jobs at the Sparks, NV factory. The line will produce the so-called ’2170’ lithium-ion cells it supplies to Tesla, an improved tech that boasts a 5% better energy density than previous batteries. It also reduces expensive cobalt content. They are saying continued improvement could bring 20% better energy density over the next 5 years.

Google has announced ‘verified calls’ as a feature for its phone app, which will give users more info about who is calling you. reports that that app, which has only been on Pixel and Android One phones, will be made available as a download for a limited set of additional phones running Android Pie and higher. The feature can be configured by the business to not only give the business name, but nature of the call…for example, your bank might flag it under the verified badge with ‘fraud alert.’ Google also has a verified SMS feature that came out last year.


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