Win 10X Rollout Spring 2021; Zuck-No Secret Trump Deal; Nissan’s $40,000 300 Mile Range SUV; GM Plans Full-Size e-Pickup

Microsoft is targeting Spring of 2021 for the release of Windows 10X. notes this is not a new OS, but a variant of Windows 10 with a more modular forma and a new, simpler interface. It was apparently originally planned to be released on dual-screen devices like the now postponed Surface Neo. Now, it appears the OS will roll out for both single screen and dual screen devices, but won’t be widely released until Spring of 2022. Microsoft had no comment on what would be coming to ‘regular’ Windows 10.

In an interview with, Mark Zuckerberg insisted that he has no ‘secret deal’ with Donald Trump. According to Axios, the Facebook CEO said “I’ve heard this speculation, too, so let me be clear: There’s no deal of any kind,” Zuckerberg told Axios. “Actually, the whole idea of a deal is pretty ridiculous.” “I do speak with the president from time to time, just like I spoke with our last president and political leaders around the world,” he added.

He did point to a number of areas of disagreement with Trump, “whether it’s the immigration policies, which I think have not only been unfair, but I think put the country at a huge disadvantage going forward, compared to the opportunities that we should be going after … climate change, where I think moves like pulling out of Paris agreement were a huge step back for the world … things like his divisive and inflammatory rhetoric.” With the serious possibility of a Biden administration, which might be inclined to break up Facebook, the online giant has made some changes, including removing Trump ads and posts.

The EV wars are heating up further, as Nissan has unveiled a new Ariya e-SUV with 300 miles of range. says the crossover SUV has a base price of $40,000. The down side…it won’t hit showrooms until next summer. The rig will be available with FWD and all-wheel drive, and have options for two battery sizes…63kWh and 87kWh. It features a liquid cooled battery design, and will have 130kW DC quick charging. According to Nissan, it can gain 175 miles of range from a half hour charge. A ‘novel’ feature is Nissan’s one-pedal driving system. It will be equipped with driver monitoring to enable hands-off single-lane highway operation.

With the Bolt out on the roads, GM is well under way in rolling out EVs, and now a report indicates that a full-sized electric Chevy pickup is on the drawing board with a 400 mile range. According to, the report describes a “Chevrolet BET Truck, which will be the brand’s first electric full-size pickup, offering 400+ miles of range on a single charge.” The truck could be out by next year, but more likely will drop in 2023…one of 20 EVs GM intends to introduce for that model year. So far, there’s no indication of the range the e-PU will have while towing…something many GM full-sized trucks are used for.


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