Twitter Voice Tweets; Samsung Wild New Smartphone Cam Design; Facebook/Insta Will Allow Opt Out-Political Ads; Fitbit Enterprise May Promote Workplace Safety; Amazon Teams With Zynga-Alexa-Enabled Words With Friends

Twitter has announced a new feature…the ability to Tweet with your voice…sending voice-based messages instead of text. According to, to use the feature, open the Tweet composer, and tap the new wavelengths icon. That will open up aa screen that can be tapped to begin recording. You can record up to 140 seconds of audio, but continuous recording is possible, and the longer recording is broken up into multiple voice Tweets. the voice Tweets will appear on the Twitter timeline just like text tweets. You listen by tapping the image. The feature is initially open to a limited number of people on IOS, but the company says in coming weeks, everyone using iOS will be able to send voice Tweets.

Samsung has patented a smartphone camera design for a 6 camera array! reports that it has 5 wide angle lenses and a zoom camera. That’s not all….the wide angle cams are moveable sensor. This allows for a panoramic image with a ‘bokeh’ effect. The setup will also produce better photos in low light situations and higher dynamic range. The setup will likely show up in future Galaxy models.

Facebook has announced that the social net will allow users to turn off seeing political ads. According to, Mark Zuckerberg wrote in an USA Today op-ed “For those of you who’ve already made up your minds and just want the election to be over, we hear you — so we’re also introducing the ability to turn off seeing political ads,” Zuckerberg wrote in an op-ed published on USA Today. “We’ll still remind you to vote.” Initially, the feature will be in the US, but will be expanded to other countries. The feature will also apply to Facebook owned Instagram.

Fitbit has launched Ready for Work, an enterprise health-tracking platform that monitors employee health, aiming towards a safe return to offices in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. says Ready for Work will gather body temperature, exposure to sick individuals, self-reported symptoms, and heart rate. The Fitbit devices worn by employees can measure an individual’s quality of sleep, distance traveled, and heart rate. Fitbit analyzes the reported data to recommend whether or not employees should report for work or not on a given day. Fitbit thinks the platform will appeal to smaller businesses that, unlike giants such as Amazon, don’t have the resources to develop and in-house monitoring solution.

Amazon is partnering with Zynga on an Alexa Voice-enabled version of Words With Friends. reports that it can be accessed by saying, ‘Alexa, open Word Pop.’ It is a different version than what folks are used to…Alexa offers up six letters, and gives players one minute to come up with as many words as possible…either saying or spelling out the words. It’s a built-in feature, so you don’t need to install a third-party Alexa Skill.


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