Redesigned iMac Bow for WWDC; Amazon Plans Bi-Weekly COVID-19 Tests; Top Tesla Exec Bails; Twitter-Fact Check Labels on Tweets

It appears that Apple may debut a new iMac with a new look at ‘virtual’ WWDC this month. According to, the new look will have slimmer bezels like the Apple Pro Display XDR, and will at long last go all SSD…finally losing spinning hard drives. Although internals have been regularly improved, the external design of iMac dates to 2012! With the move to SSD drives, the new iMac will also get the T2 co-processor chip for the first time. The iMac is expected to transition to all ARM processors and away from Intel by next year, as all the other Macs will.

Amazon is planning to test the bulk its workforce for COVD-19 every two weeks. reports that the company is setting up its own COVID-19 testing labs at its fulfillment centers. Warehouse workers that test positive will be referred to a third party (Grand Rounds) for telehealth consultations. The way it would work is that workers would swab themselves nasally…using a video for guidance…under the supervision of a clinical professional. Earlier, Amazon had said it would drop $4 billion into its COVID-19 response out of their expected 2nd quarter profit, and that they will spend a billion on testing this year. The testing is already being piloted on a smaller scale. Besides the nasal swabs, Amazon is also looking at other means of testing, like pulse oximeters.

Tesla has lost Robin Sen, VP of Business Development and one of the key people behind the company’s success in China. says Ren joined Tesla in 2015 when he took over worldwide sales. He is credited with securing the deal for the Shanghai plant. A week old rumor that Ren was gone has been confirmed on his LinkedIn profile. Tesla isn’t completely devastated by the loss, as Troy Jones remains in charge of sales for North America. Jones is a 10 year Tesla vet. Ken Morgan, who has been with the firm for the same amount of time, is still in place as VP of Sales Finance and Business Development.

Twitter is now putting fact-check labels on Tweets about 5G and COVID-19. reports that the labels are intended to tamp down some of the wild rumors about 5G radio waves being used to spread COVID-19. The 5G rumors seemed to have disappeared for a while, but are back like a vampire rising from the dead. Some labels even take a humorous tack:

Hopefully, Twitter’s proactive move will knock this truly bat crap crazy theory down before it gets really widespread. Previously, people in Britain were setting fire to 5G towers over the nutty rumor. It’s notable that COVID-19 spread there anyway…since a virus being spread by radio waves is totally ludicrous.


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