Google Ad Verification; 2021 Apple Macs Will Get Custom ARM Chips; Tesla Adds Heavyweight Board Member; Workplace Rolls Out New ‘Draft For’ Feature

Google is now requiring all all advertisers to complete a “verification program” in order to buy ads on its platforms, including Google Search, YouTube and its display ad network. The search giant previously rolled out a verification program for political advertisers. says Advertisers will need to submit information that proves their identity and the country where they operate. People will start seeing this info in “Why This Ad?” disclosures starting this summer. Annual revenue for Alphabet is more than $160 billion, and roughly 85% comes from ads.

Apple is set to release its first Mac based on a custom ARM chip next year, according to Bloomberg. Apple is working on a range of chips aimed for future Macs. The first Apple-designed chip will apparently be based on a 5-nanometer fabrication process, and feature 12 CPU cores: 8 high-performance cores and 4-efficiency cores. Apple’s own chips are widely expected to best Intel’s current lineup in performance, and the addition of more cores will certainly help achieve that. The 12-core chip will be “much faster” than the A13 chip currently found in Apple’s latest iPhones and iPads.

Tesla just added the chief investment officer of Japan’s $1.5 trillion government pension fund to its board of directors. According to (Hiro) Mizuno, most recently served as the chief investment officer of Japan’s $1.5 trillion government pension fund, the largest pension fund in the world, which owns roughly $874 million worth of Tesla stock. Before that post, Mizuno worked in finance roles in New York, San Francisco, and other global business centers. This year, the company’s board will be reduced to just seven directors.

Collaborative enterprise solution Workplace from Facebook has introduced several new features, including ‘Draft For,’ which lets administrators select individual employees to draft posts for executives to publish in an internal company social network. says if executives approve of the post, they can review and publish the post under their name. Facebook says the changes are geared toward helping people work remotely as people around the world practice social distancing to combat COVID-19.


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