Tesla Updates Powerwalls; Facebook- New Game Streaming App; Uber Revives Goods Delivery; Amazon-Thermal Cams for Warehouse Employee Fever Checks

What happens if you have a Tesla Powerwall, and there’s a power outage and the battery pack has to juggle the needs of both your home and your EV? Engadget.com reports that Tesla has released a software update that will coordinate with the company’s cars to prioritize charging during power outages. Charging will slow down if there’s a high load in your household during the outage, and will even stop entirely if the Powerwall dips below an “energy threshold.” The feature is currently available to North American owners who drive a Model 3 or Model Y.

Twitch and YouTube don’t have much competition when it comes to streaming platforms for the gaming community, but Facebook wants to change that with a new dedicated mobile gaming app. The verge.com notes that Facebook initially had a number of games in their main app from the likes of Zynga. Facebook’s gaming app will largely curate and focus on the streaming community, although it will also highlight casual games that people might play online already, including Words with Friends. The app, which is set to be introduced today on Android, then on iOS devices once “Apple approves them.”

Uber is reviving an attempt to offer deliveries of goods as well as people and food, as it searches for new sources of revenue during the coronavirus outbreak.
Its latest effort to transport items ranging from medical supplies to pet food via two new services, Direct and Connect, follows a recently accelerated push into online groceries. Financial Times says Uber has cautioned that its new logistics services may not outlast the current lockdown if the car-booking service cannot run the operations profitably.

Amazon has started to use thermal cameras at its warehouses to speed up screening for feverish workers who could be infected with the coronavirus, according to Reuters. The cameras in effect measure how much heat people emit relative to their surroundings. They require less time and contact than forehead thermometers, earlier adopted by Amazon.Cases of the virus have been reported among staff at more than 50 of Amazon’s U.S. warehouses.


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