iOS 14 Leaks; Facebook Tests Cross-Posting to Instagram; Google Maps New Hidden Feature; EV News From Tesla & Ford

More on iOS 14, thanks to some code leaked to Apparently, the new iPad Pro will have a 3 lens camera, as an earlier rumor touted. It will include a time of flight 3D sensor in addition to a wide angle lens, ultra wide lens, and telephoto. The time of flight sensor will enable a new augmented reality app, which is designed to give users more info about the world around them via AR. The iPhone 9 will use Touch ID, as previously thought. It was already believed that Apple was working on a new Apple TV box, but the iOS 14 leak also indicates a new remote which may not rely on Siri so much, and may be less expensive. The long rumored AirTag item trackers appear in the software update. A new wrinkle: the AirTags will be able to be set up in bulk through iOS and there will be a user replaceable battery was the Tile trackers have. Also— the top new iPhone models will be able to track AirTags via augmented reality, and the AirTags will be able to play a sound to help in locating them!

Facebook is testing out an option to cross-post Stories to Instagram, instead of just allowing importing Instagram items to Daddy Facebook. According to, this could save both social media managers and average users time, while letting them maximize views of content they create. It may be that the apps will sync up the ‘already viewed’ status of cross posted material, so you don’t end up seeing a rerun over on the other platform of something already viewed. You have been able to cross post Instagram content since October 2017, so this is not unexpected…although some complain that it is just a continuation of the ‘Facebookization’ of Instagram. Look for the platform to continue to unify its Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct chat features, too…all with end-to-end encryption….something governments, law enforcement, and spies have been harping about. Facebook may see it as a way to make it tougher for governments to try to break up Facebook.

Like many complex apps, Google Maps contains Easter eggs you may not be aware of. says a new one in Maps pulls together features from a couple other Google apps….Lens and Translate. Right now, it’s only on Android, but apparently the new feature integration will let you see the physical menu of a restaurant with Lens and flag popular dishes. Even cooler, if you are traveling overseas (ok, maybe after the coronavirus wave is under control or there’s a vaccine), Translate will do its thing so you will know what the dishes in other languages are.You can even train it to personalize restaurant recommendations to match with dishes you prefer.

On Monday, Tesla announced they had built their 1 millionth EV, a Model Y. Model Y shipments are expected this month, according to Some buyers have already gotten delivery confirmations. Over at Ford, there are now Mustang Mach-E reservations from all 50 states. No numbers were released, but Ford expects to build about 50,000 in the first full year of production and looks to sell out of them. Ford did release a map showing that Rapid Red is the most popular color, followed by Carbonized Gray and Infinite Blue. The majority of the EVs are optioned with all-wheel drive and extended range battery, which Ford estimates will give a range of about 270 miles. If you want one, it’s a $500 refundable deposit to reserve a Mach-E.


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