Amazon Expands Same Day Delivery, Waymo Raises $2.25 Billion to Scale Up; Facebook Pulls out of SXSW; Browser Extension Adds Masks

Amazon is expanding same day delivery services with a series of mini warehouses. It’s expected that some Prime members will be able to get deliveries within hours of ordering. Amazon has quietly built smaller versions of its fulfillment centers closer to customers in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando and Dallas to bolster same-day delivery in those areas. They claim they will offer over 3 million items for same day delivery from the mini centers. When you go to order, you will see a ‘Today by’ tag on items eligible for the service. Overnight delivery will also be available. If something is ordered before midnight, they say it will be delivered by 8AM the next day. The ‘mini’ centers are about a tenth the size of a normal Amazon fulfillment center.

Alphabet subsidiary Waymo has raised $2.25 billion as the autonomous vehicle division begins to scale up operations. According to, the financing came from Silver Lake, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and Mubadala Investment Company (the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi), as well as auto parts supplier Magna International, Andreessen Horowitz, auto retail giant AutoNation, and Alphabet itself. It’s an initial close on the company’s first round of funding.

Facebook has now bailed out of SXSW in Austin over concerns about coronavirus. They had previously cancelled their own F8 developer conference in the Bay Area. says Google and Microsoft just today cancelled two smaller conferences, although both are still on for their major developer conferences coming up in May. The Game Developers Conference, which was cancelled in February, has been postponed to sometime this summer. Date to be announced. **Update: Google will not hold an in-person I/O in May. They will hold a series of online events.

You can never be too safe! A new browser extension will put a face mask on every face it detects on the internet. According to, it’s a proof of concept…so expect it to slow your browser way down. The extension is a creation of web developer Moritz Klack. A mask on every face on web pages is probably as effective as actually wearing masks to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus…although experts say the masks do prevent infected people from spreading germs as widely.


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