Apple Gears Up v DOJ Over Unlocking; Dorsey-Twitter Won’t Get Edit; Facebook- Notify re 3rd Party Logins; Lucid Readies Production of Air EV

Now that the president has joined the Department of Justice in demanding Apple to help the DOJ unlock (hack, really) the phones used by the Pensacola shooter, Cupertino is gearing up for a legal battle. reports that Apple has always refused to build a back door for governments, and it will continue to do so. Apple claims they are working with authorities to assist in the case, but has said the DOJ hasn’t spent enough time using third party tools to try to unlock the phones. In a previous case in 2016, the government and Apple got to the brink of this type battle over the San Bernardino shootings, but that battle went away when a third party vendor came forward with a way to unlock the killer’s phone. Apple has always been concerned that a back door would be hackable by others in and out of government, and would be too big a compromise of its users’ privacy.

During a Q&A with Wired, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says that Twitter will likely not be adding an edit button for users to clean up their Tweets. According to, Dorsey says he has gone back and forth on this himself, but said that ultimately Twitter had decided to preserve the SMS type feel, and so will keep it like your texts…that is, you can’t take ‘em back once sent. Additionally, Dorsey pointed out that if people re-Tweet your Tweets, then you edit it, the original is what was re-Tweeted, and it could differ greatly from what you ultimately ended up saying.

With so many sites that offer logins via your Facebook credentials, you can easily lose track of where you have used that method. Now, Facebook will help, by sending you a notification when your account is used to log into a third party app. says the social net will send you an email, and it will give you info about the details Facebook shared with the third party app to log in. If you decide not to let an app keep using your Facebook login, you an go to Edit Settings, and revoke that app’s access permissions.

Lucid Motors plans to roll out the production version of its Air EV in April in New York. According to, they will price the electric sedan at $60,000 for the base price, with a range of 240 miles. The factory is being built in Casa Grande, Arizona, but Lucid is building out 80 beta prototypes at its California HQ for testing. They are shooting for full production by late 2020. Lucid claims to be working on a ‘network’ of retail and service locations.


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