Facebook Tool Transfers Pics to Google; Apple Will Have Mini-LEDs in 12.9” iPad and 16” MacBook Pro; Online Black Friday Sales 40% mobile; Tesla-Lasers to Clear Windshields

They will probably never willingly release a tool to migrate your friends list and their contact info elsewhere, but Facebook has now released a tool that lets you offload media. According to 9to5google.com, it first works with Google Photos. It’s located in ‘Your Facebook Information’ in the settings section. Right now, it’s available in Ireland, but will be worldwide by the first half of 2020. Data will be encrypted during transfer, and you will need to re-enter your password to use the feature.

Apple has been working on mini-LED tech for years. The tech offers a rich wide color selection, high contrast ratios, and localized dimming. Another plus-mini LED is also believed to result in thinner panels that are more power efficient, and they do not suffer from burn-in like OLED. Ming-Chi Kuo, the noted Apple analyst, is quoted in 9to5mac.com as saying that Apple will bow its first 2 products using the tech late next year. they will be a 12.9 inch iPad and a 16 inch MacBook Pro. Kuo also projects that Apple will release 4-6 products using mini-LED over the next 2 to 3 years.

Like to shop instead of just wasting time standing in line for coffee or food? Apparently a lot of people feel that way, too. Engadget.com says 39% of Black Friday purchases were made using smartphones. The data comes via Adobe. Shoppers blew $2.9 billion with their phones last Friday…up from $2.1 billion last year. Black Friday total internet sales were $7.4 billion this year, up from $6.2 the previous year. The average purchase was $168.

Let the memes fly….’Teslas with fricken laser beams!’ Shades of Dr. Evil and his sharks! Electrek.co reports that Tesla has a patent to use lasers to automatically clean debris from windshields. The idea isn’t to use them to completely replace windshield wipers..it’s to clear the area used by Autopilot cams around the car. Tesla also intends to use the system to automatically clean solar panels on roofs. Electrek notes ‘don’t see how anything can go wrong by putting lasers on self-driving robots.’


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