Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Rise of Skywalker Bundle; Fresh 13 Inch MacBook Pro in 2020; Ford Mustang Mach-E, Amazon Grocery Store in 2020 (NOT Whole Foods)

Samsung is partnering with Disney and will release a special edition Galaxy Note 10+ bundle with a ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ theme. reports that the handset is black with red accents all over including around the triple cam housing. The back of the phone gets the Star Wars logo along the bottom, and sports the First Order’s logo, too. The S Pen comes in bright red to match. There is also a special edition leather case that shows Kylo Sen and a metal badge Samsung is pitching as a collector’s item. Included are Galaxy Buds in and black and red case, and all comes in a unique box. Samsung says it will be on sale in limited quantities starting December 13th for $1299, and will be available from AmaZON, Best Buy, Microsoft, and direct from Samsung.

Since the new 16 inch MacBook Pro hit, lots of people have wondered about the smaller profile MacBook Pro…the 13 inter. When will it be updated. According to, it should be out the first half of next year, with the ‘scissor’ keyboard as revived on the 16 inch model. There is a question as to the size…will it be 13 inch, or grow an inch like the bigger model? In an interview, Phil Schiller wouldn’t say, but didn’t foreclose the idea that it might end up 14 inches. Noted Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will be transitioning all its notebooks to the scissor keyboards in 2020. The company has had complaints for several years about the butterfly keyboard in the Pros and Airs, and may just want to get away from them. Some people have no problems, but others have had sticky, repeating, or non-functioning keys since the keyboard hit in 2016. Apple continues to offer free repairs to affected customers with the butterfly keyboard.

As promised, Ford showed off its new EV yesterday, and it lives at the intersection of SUVs and muscle cars…only electric! says Ford claims a range of 300 miles for the Mustang Mach-E. Calling it a mustang is really just marketing, since it’s a small SUV, but should generate lots of interest. The Mach-E will start at $43,895 and have 4 more expensive versions…the top one cracking $60 grand! All wheel drive will be available, and will come with 2 electric power plants. The RWD one will have a single electric motor. The thriftier model has 255 horsepower while the performance one will rock 459 horses and do zero to 60 in under 4 seconds. Of course, the performance version has less range….235 miles. The first models drop next year, with a couple more models taking until 2021 Ford is taking preorders now with a $500 deposit.

Amazon will opening a full sized grocery store in the LA area next year, and it won’t be a Whole Foods. According to the, it won’t use the cashier free checkout like Amazon Go, either…but will carry Amazon branding. The store is said to have a different variety of products at ‘a lower price point’ than Whole Foods. Besides the Woodland Hills location in the LA area, they will be opening in Chicago and Philadelphia.


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