Amazon’s Black ‘Friday’ Plans; Costco & Instacart Test 1 Hour Prescription Delivery; Facebook-100 Developers Scooped Up Data; Facebook Ad Policy-Possibly Illegal; Surprise! 90% of World Net Users Are Monitored

Amazon has officially revealed their Black ‘Friday’ sales event. reports it all starts at 12:01AM Pacific Friday, November 22nd, and it runs a full week…to the ACTUAL Black Friday…November 29th. Of course, after that, it’s what used to be Cyber Monday, and now Cyber WEEK, which will feature even more crazy deals and bargains. If you want a preview of of a lot of the deals, check out Amazon’s Holiday Sales Event Page.

Costco and Instacart are teaming up to test out one hour prescription delivery in Washington and California. According to, the service is is free for orders over $35, although Instacart adds a 5% tip. If less than $35, the delivery price varies on how quickly the patient needs the meds, but usually comes in at under $10. Buyers do need to be over 18, and will have to show an ID to the courier, who must be HIPAA certified. Amazon and Walmart have also explored prescription delivery.

Facebook says that even after it locked down its Groups system last year, some app developers still kept improper access. says it is around 100 developers, some of whom still had access until a couple months ago. So far, no evidence that any really abused the data. A potentially bigger problem for Facebook comes from their political ad policy. An open letter addressed to Zuck from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law indicates that Facebook is exposing itself to liability under various federal and state level statutes…including those aimed at promoting voting rights, protecting consumers from unethical business practices, and preventing racial and religious discrimination. Facebook now says it appreciates the information, and ‘looks forward to continuing the discussion’ with the Lawyers’ Committee.

In one of the biggest non-surprises every, almost 90% of the world’s internet users are being monitored. reports that the study was from Freedom House, which found that 40 out of 65 countries it studied ‘have instituted advanced social media surveillance programs.’ Also not surprising…China is ranked least free, and Russia and Egypt are also ranked as ‘not free.’ In total, almost 3 billion people are being watched by a government. The US is listed as ‘free’ of internet censorship, but was by no means off the hook. Other countries are sending people here to learn all the tricks of the trade. “47 of the 65 countries assessed featured arrests of users for political, social, or religious speech.” Have fun online!


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