More On iPhone SE 2; Google Pay on Public Transit, Google’s Pixel 4 Bows Tomorrow, Facebook’s Libra Takes Huge Hit; Free Prime 1 Day Shipping on Dollar Items? Yep.

A few more details from Ming-Chi Kuo regarding the iPhone SE 2. According to, Kuo still thinks it will drop early next year. As already noted, it will resemble the iPhone 8, but will come in 64 and 128 gig capacities, and will have the latest A13 chip and 3 gigs of ram (one less than the present iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.) The SE 2 will lose 3D Touch, as have the latest iPhones. Kuo says it will coming in silver, space gray, and red, and start at $399.

Google Pay will soon work with Cubic Transportation Systems. reports that this will allow people to use their phones and the Google system on mass transit in New York City, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, London, Vancouver, Sydney, and other major mass transit systems. Some cities have a consolidated transit card….San Francisco has the Clipper Card…so you will be able to use Google Pay on almost all mass transit in the Bay Area.

A coverage note: tomorrow is Google’s Pixel 4 hardware event, so look for details on the latest handsets from Google and other announcements right here (as well as nearly everywhere else!) We expect a motion detection feature for gestures and Google’s version of Apple Face ID, among other announcements. The Google event takes place in New York City.

In the event you were a bit dialed out Friday, Facebook’s Libra virtual currency took a huge hit, as Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and eBay all bailed on them in one day. notes that PayPal had quit the Facebook virtual currency project last week. The first official meeting was supposed to be today. The only remaining payment company that had originally signed up is PayU out of the Netherlands. For those who thought it was an insane idea to trust Facebook with your money usage, this is great news.

Amazon continues its relentless march to make a walk or ride to the stores a thing of the past. Now, reports that the online giant is offering Prime members free one-day shipping on items costing as little as a dollar! Previously, such cheap items had to be ordered with a minimum $25 order…that’s until some 5 buck items began showing up with free one-day delivery. Need something tomorrow that is only a buck or two, but can’t or don’t want to run to the store. Click away, my friends!


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