‘Apple Day’ Recap

Instead of starting small, and building up excitement (hype) like Apple does, you’re going to get the good part first, and can scroll down further for the less impactful Apple lines they touted.

iPhone 11

Yes, the rumors were right about the naming of this year’s phones. You’ll get to choose form 6 new colors for iPhone 11—the 6.1 inch LED display with aluminum back form factor is unchanged. New colors are: purple, white, yellow, green, black, and Product (RED). Dual cams on the 11, with a new 12MP ultra wide lens…120 degree field of view. You will see on the display what switching to the ultra lens will give you in the shot. New portrait effect lets you crop out the background. Night mode switches on automatically and the results are pretty dramatic.

For video…there’s an on-screen zoom wheel to transition between the two cams. they feature 4K resolution, up to 60 FPS on both cams. Quick take returns! Tap and hold shutter button when taking a pic to roll video. The front cam has 12MP and a wider sensor….you can include more in your selfie by rotating to horizontal. The front cam now has slo-mo. They are calling them ‘slofies’. (Feel free to groan here.) The new A13 chip increases Apple’s lead over other smartphones. iPhone 11 will have an hour more of battery life over XR. Face ID is faster and wider angle on the new model. iPhone 11 starts at $699.

iPhone 11 Pro

Three cams, as predicted, on a raised glass square. The Pro has new matte glass on the back…and new colors are: Midnight Green, Space Grey, Silver, Gold.….5.8 inch and 6.5 inch displays are held over from last year. They are calling (hyping) the display as the ‘Super Retina XDR display.’ Battery life is 4 hours more on the 11 than iPhone XS and the Pro Max has 5 hours more than XS Max. Both will ship with faster charger than before.

The 3 cams….Apple dubs them wide, telephoto, and ultra wide. The cams can all work together. You have 4X optical zoom now! They showed off a number of pics by pro photographers using the 3 different cameras. A new feature will come with software update this fall. They call this feature Deep Fusion. It uses machine learning and will shoot 9 images…starting before you press the shutter, the long shot, and post shots. It then takes the best pixels from each shot and combines into one great shot.

For video, it’s 4K, 60 FPS, like on the iPhone 11. New advanced editing in iOS 13. You can now do editing for exposure, color temperature, cropping and scaling like you could photos…right on the phone. They showed off the Filmic app, which can choose 2 shots you can film, choosing from all 3 rear cams and the selfie cam, giving you your choice of framing and shots. The pro models are Priced at $999 like last year and $1099 for the Max. Price has been cut on XR to $599, and iPhone 8 will be $499. Preorders for the new phones starts Friday morning at 5AM Pacific, and they will ship September 20th. Monthly payment plans are about the same as they were through Apple…starting at $17 a month on the iPhone 11, $25 a month for the iPhone 11 Pro, and $29 a month for the 11 Pro Max. They will continue to offer the trade in program.


For Series 5, the Retina Display is always on….albeit at a lower light level. Time and complications are in view. A tap or raise of wrist brings it back to full brightness. It still has an 18 hour battery life. Series 5 also has a built in compass like the iPhone has. It shows latitude longtitude, incline, and elevation.

The SOS function will now work internationally on the new model with cellular. Besides aluminum and stainless, there are new titanium and ceramic models. Watch Series 5 starts at $399 with GPS. The cellular model $499. Preorder today, and available in stores on the 20th. Watch 3 is now cut to $199.

Three new health studies will be starting, like the successful afib study.
1) Hearing.
2) Women’s Health (menstrual cycles)
3) Heart and Movement

There is a new Apple research app you can enroll over. You needn’t, and it won’t see your data unless you do.


The entry level iPad gets a refresh, joining the other updated models. It goes from 9.7 to 10.2 inch. It has an A10 chip. It comes with a smart connector that attaches to a keyboard that can close like a clamshell and protect the screen…oh…like a laptop! A pinch of the virtual keyboard gives you a smaller floating keyboard you can move around.

More editing for video available. Apple Pencil now works with the entry level iPad. It starts once again at $329. Educational customers can get it for $299. Preorder today, ships September 30th.

Apple TV+

Tim Cook talked about the trailers for the original videos Apple has coming to Apple TV+. They premiered a video for ‘See,’ a new show with Jason Momoa. Apple TV+ will be available November 1st…also $4.99 a month for a family subscription. Starting today, when you buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, you get 1 year free. So basically, if you buy one device a year, you get Apple TV+ free.

App Store

Apple Arcade….1 fee to play 100 new games on mobile, computer, or Apple TV, with new games to be added monthly. Konami showed a new iteration of Frogger, and Capcom previewed an underwater game. Annapurna showed off what they called a ‘playable music video’ called Sayonara Wild Hearts.
Arcade will be available September 19th worldwide. $4.99 a month for a family access, and a 1 month free trial.


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