Galaxy Fold Release Date; Apple In-Display Touch ID in 2020; Facebook Exposes Millions of Phone Numbers; Amazon New Fire TV Cube

The latest word is, the delayed Galaxy Fold will be released in the US on September 27th. reports that this is based on a leak, plus a customer who preordered one who was notified of that. Originally to be released last April, the Fold was held up due to terrible reviews from a small number of reviewers who had phones end up breaking after only a couple days of use. The almost $2000 Fold will apparently only be available vie retail stores on launch, and not from Samsung’s website. The phone reportedly drops tomorrow in South Korea.

Since it’s less than a week before the 2019 iPhones roll out, naturally there are leaks about NEXT year’s models! According to, Apple is planning an in-display fingerprint authorization tech like what Samsung an Huawei have. This would be something of a roll back to Touch ID, but most Apple watchers say it’s likely the company will keep Face ID, so users will actually have 2 ways of getting past the lock screen. The Apple version will apparently let users touch any spot on ‘a large portion of the display’ to authenticate. The lower cost iPhone (successor to the discontinued iPhone SE) expected next year would have Touch ID on the home button, as past iPhones before Face ID came into use.

Another day, another data breach. This time, it’s Facebook. says a huge cache of users’ phone numbers has been found on a server that isn’t password protected. Each record has the users’ unique Facebook ID and phone number listed with the account. It’s millions of numbers! Facebook said it’s old data, and the information was scraped before they made changes last year to remove people’s ability to find other users using their phone numbers. Well there’s that…but scammers and marketers apparently have had the info or been able to get it, so thanks for nothing, Facebook!

In Germany, Amazon showed off a number of new products, including a 2nd generation Fire TV Cube. According to, it sports a new processor that enables local voice control with on-device processing. It also has far-field microphones which should pick up your commands better in noisy rooms. Amazon claims it is 4 times faster than the earlier model. It has HDR10+ for a better picture, and is available for pre-order now for early October shipping….$119.99 in the US.


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