Microsoft Surface Event October 2; Yelp-Personalize Your Home Page; New Coating = Lighter Lithium Metal Batteries; K-Swiss CEO Shoe Collection

Microsoft will hold a special Surface hardware event in New York City October 2nd. reports it could serve as the first unveiling of Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface device. Redmond has been building a new dual-screen device, codenamed “Centaurus,” for over two years. It’s designed to be the hero device for a wave of new dual-screen tablet / laptop hybrids that should roll out in 2020.

Yelp announced that it will start allowing users to tailor their search results and homepage based on their personal preferences. According to, that means if you’re vegetarian, or if you’re parent who’s usually looking for kid-friendly restaurants, you won’t have to reenter that information every time you do a search. Instead, you can enter it once and Yelp will prioritize those results moving forward.
Just select the “Personalize your experience” option, then choose options around dietary restrictions (whether they’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and so on), their lifestyle (whether they’re parents, car owners or pet owners), their accessibility needs (wheelchair access, gender neutral bathrooms), the types of food they prefer and other interests (like bookstores or date nights).
Once you’ve made your selections, those preferences will start affecting the search results you see.your browser.

For a couple of years now, scientists have touted lithium metal batteries as the next major breakthrough in battery technology, thanks to two main advantages over their lithium-ion counterparts. says one is that they can store at least 33 percent more power per pound. Secondly, they’re significantly lighter thanks to the fact the positive end of the battery, the anode, is made from lithium, instead of graphite.
The problem with lithium metal batteries is that they frequently develop small, tendril-like protrusions called dendrites. Over time, dendrites can puncture the protective film that separates the positive and negative ends of the battery. And when the two sides start interacting with one another, there’s the potential for a short circuit, which in turn can lead to the entire power cell catching fire.

Now, a team of researchers at Stanford University think they’ve solved that problem. The researchers created a protective coating that significantly limits dendrite growth. With the new film, the team says they were able to build a lithium metal battery that held 85 percent of its original charge after 160 recharge cycles. By contrast, most current lithium metal batteries tend to keep 30 percent of their original charge when they get to the same point in their lifespan. This battery tech would be a game-changer for electric vehicles (EVs). As the research team points out, most EVs spend about a quarter of their battery capacity carrying around their power source. With lithium metal batteries, the range of EVs would increase significantly.

K-Swiss this month unveiled a new line of shoes that are specifically designed for CEOs. notes that on their website, K-Swiss says “First impressions count. These sneakers are purpose-built for the hustle, the grind, the journey of building your business and brand.”
“Whether you’re in the office, entertaining a client or running through the airport, you’re never clocked out and constantly on your feet. Here is your versatile shoe, blending all-day comfort with sophisticated style.” The lace up leather sneakers are a very reasonable $69, and are only available on their website. One unique feature— a zipper on the side for quick removal at places like airport security lines.


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