iPhone Pro & 3 Cam iPad Pro Rumors; Instagram, YouTube, & Facebook Could be Fined Millions; Destroyers Dump Touch Screens; Amazon-Brick & Mortar Liquor Store

As we are a stone’s throw away from the iPhone rollout, someone has leaked a rumored name for the biggest top line iPhone. According to 9to5mac.com, an anonymous Twitter user called ‘CoinX’ claims the successor to the XS Max will be iPhone Pro. This person leaked a number of accurate details about the iPhone XS and iPad lineup previously. The name actually makes more sense than ‘Max,’ and fits in neatly with the iPad Pro branding.

Speaking of iPad, an unconfirmed rumor out of China says that the iPad Pro coming in October will sport a triple lens cam setup like the new iPhones, ditching the single lens shooter they have had since the first iPad was introduced. The rumor was picked up by Mac Otakara out of Japan. The 3 cams would come on the Pro, while the entry level iPad would move up to a two cam system. More businesses are issuing iPads, so the better cams might really make sense. If you have had a home appraisal, blinds installed, an alarm system, or an HVAC system, all the people that come out carry iPads with custom software.

Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube could be facing king sized fines for failing to remove toxic online videos as part of a crackdown by the UP government on harmful social media content. Cnet.com reports that the new rules will be introduced next year, and will amount to 5% of company revenue for failure to comply, and even restriction or suspension of service in the country for continued failure to comply. The UK government is charging Ofcom, which regulates telecoms and broadcasting to ensure compliance. TechUK, a trade organization representing the online firms, said in a statement “We urge Government to take a balanced and proportionate approach and ensure that the implementation is consistent with its wider approach to Online Harms.”

In one of those rare examples where old school may just work better than high tech, the US Navy is replacing touchscreen throttle and help controls in its destroyers with mechanical controls starting in 2020. Theverge.com notes that this follows a report from the NTSB finding that the touch screen controls were a big factor in a 2017 crash between a destroyer and a Liberian oil tanker off the coast of Singapore. Sailors apparently tried to divide steering and throttle between touch screens, and it basically didn’t work…causing them to lose control of the ship. Ten sailors died and 48 were injured on the USS John S. McCain. Apparently, splitting the controls put the ship into ‘backup manual mode’, which turned off computer assisted controls. The old-fashioned manual controls provide ‘immediate and tactile feedback to the operator,’ and it’s believed that such will allow better control of ships if such a situation arises again.

Amazon has gotten into brick and mortar the last couple years in bookselling, and by virtue of their purchase of Whole Foods, in grocery sales. Now, the online giant is turning its sights to booze. Businessinsider.com reports that Amazon is trying to open a liquor store in San Francisco to sell beer, wine, and spirits. The have applied for a liquor license and approval from the City to open a storefront at the Amazon warehouse in SF. The brick and mortar store will apparently be 200 square feet in size, and will also facilitate an alcohol delivery service to Prime Now customers in San Francisco. The store would be open 8am to 4 pm daily, but the delivery service would ruin 8am to midnight daily.


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