More on Upcoming iPhone XR; T-Mobile Has Galaxy S10 5G starting June 28th; LightYear One-Solar Car Prototype; AI Makes Fake News & Spots Fake News

A number of rumors have confirmed a lot of the features of the upcoming iPhone XR refresh coming this September. reports there will probably be some new colors…lavender and green for two. All the colors will become more softer and pastel, as opposed to the really bright colors of the present model. Also, the some $750 smartphone (which only SEEMS cheap due to the $1000 iPhone XS) will get a promotion, and pick up a second camera like its more expensive siblings. This will give it better zoom and portrait mode. It looks like the XR will keep the LCD screen. Earlier, reports had it getting OLED like the two pricier iPhones, but that will apparently happen next year. The screen will stay at 6.1 inches. The XR will get a bit larger battery, along with the ability to charge other devices…such as AirPods. While the higher line iPhones will get a substantial battery boost…the XR only gets a 5% increase in size.

If you live in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, LA, or New York, and are on T-Mobile…you may be excited to pick up one of the new 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. According to, it will be available this Friday at T-Mobile. 5G coverage is available in limited parts of the aforementioned cities. If there’s no 5G service, the handset automatically switches to LTE. Unlike some other carriers, T-Mobile says they aren’t charging extra for 5G service. They also are offering maps of the areas that have the coverage so you can see if it’s worth it. T-Mobile claims they won’t raise prices on plans for at least 3 years…by which time the 5G networks should be pretty well built out in most of the country.

Lightyear has just taken the wraps off its first prototype…the Lightyear One, an EV they say they will deliver in 2021. The car is covered in solar panels, and they are claiming a 450 mile range! says those panels can pick up around 7.4 miles of range per hour. The panels are said to be 20% more efficient than usual solar panels, and they are enclosed in safety glass to protect from damage. Since Lightyear was founded in 2016 by Solar Team Eindhoven, which won the World Solar Challenge race in 2013, 2015, and 2017, this may not be all fluff! Obviously, the solar panels can’t do all the charging…it would take too long, so the car will support up to 60Kw of fast charging from a charging station. That gives it a 315 mile range. Lightyear is taking preorders at $135,000 or 119,000 Euros. When released, look for that figure to be around $170,000, or 149,000 Euros!

In a story that is both creepy and encouraging, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence has developed Grover, a neural network that can generate fake news articles in the style of actual human journalists. As frightening as this may sound, reports that there’s a method to this madness. As Grover becomes better and better at generating the fakes, it also becomes more proficient in detecting them. That is whole idea behind the project. Right now, Grover can detect if an article was written by AI (including itself) with 92% accuracy. If you want to try using Grover yourself, hit this link:


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