2020 iPhone Rumors; Huawei Takes Big Hit in Smartphones From US Ban; Walmart-Unlimited Grocery Delivery Subscription; Domino’s-Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Vehicles in Houston

Well-regarded analyst and Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo has a new report out about the 2020 iPhones. According to macrumors.com, Kuo believes that all
the iPhones will have the OLED screen, unlike now, where the XR does not. The 5.4 inch XS and 6.7 inch XS Max(or whatever Apple ends up calling them) will have 5G chips, while the cheaper XR replacement will not, however. It will continue to support LTE as now. Also, another rumor for the 2019 phones has Apple replacing the Lightening connectors with USB-C. A reference to this was found in the latest beta of iOS 13. If so, it wouldn’t be a giant shocker, since the iPad Pros, MacBook Pros, and MacBooks have already switched to USB-C.

Huawei’s CEO said today that the US ban of their smartphones could mean a $30 billion hit to the company’s revenue. Cnet.com reports that this contradicts earlier statements from the company that they would remain self-sufficient in spite of the US blacklisting. The issue is the ripple effect in other countries from the US action…as they start to question the integrity of Huawei’s equipment. CEO Zhengfei said he expects things to improve next year, though.

Walmart has kicked off an unlimited grocery delivery service, dubbed Delivery Unlimited. Theverge.com says that it’s a $98 per year subscription service, but gives members unlimited service— an expansion of the $9.95 fee per order that they have been offering. The new service can also be had for $12.95 a month.

Domino’s has announced that they will begin using Nuro’s self-driving R2 vehicle to deliver pizzas to select Houston customers later this year. According to engadget.com when the little robot rolls up with your pie, you enter a PIN number given when you order it, and the correct compartment opens up and you take your food. Domino’s says the service isn’t intended to replace drivers (for now), but will east the crush at the busiest times.

(Photo credit: Macrumors.com)


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